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With many familiar Vietnamese Fish Recipes, today I will give an amazing dish for you và your family. It is Braised Mackerel Fish with Sugarcane (Cá Thu Kho Mía). I bet your kids will fall in love with it when using with boiled rice. Enjoy this dish with your beloved family will give an amazing feeling for you.If you want khổng lồ cook, please follow instructions below carefully khổng lồ create one of amazing Vietnamese Fish Recipes from us. Let us vì chưng this stunning dish together, there are 3 steps are waiting for us. Try it now.Ingredients:

- 2 parts of big mackerel- 300g bacon- Sugarcane (Peel off the cover, chopped)- 2-3 tablespoon of fish sauce- 50% teaspoon pepper- A few slices of pepper (up to lớn you).Process: Before cooking, I want lớn remind that you should follow steps below carefully khổng lồ create one of Vietnamese Fish Recipes more delicious.

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Step1: Clean mackerel, wait to dry. Slice ​​bacon thickly. Chop sugarcane into small pieces.Step 2: Put sugarcane in the bottom of the pot. Next is bacon and finally put mackerel on top of pot. Add fish sauce, pepper, sugar & chili (if using).

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Step 3: Place the fish pot on the stove, mix small heat. Stock until the meat & fish cooked totally. Sometime, check if water dry, it is necessary to add more water. Sugar from sugarcane will make beautiful color for fish & meat. Stock about 30 - 45 minutes. Turn off the heat.
Now, this dish is ready lớn serve. Lay everything on dish and you can enjoy one of stunning Vietnamese Fish Recipes. This dish is the best way to make your family members gathering together around the table and enjoy a nutrition meal. Good luck with your cooking and do not miss our recipes tomorrow. Wish you success & appetite.
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