Satay beef and noodle soup recipe

What does a bowl of spicy Vietnamese beef noodle soup (Bún bò Huế) have? If your answer is “beef” and “noodle”, you’re far off the mark. For those including Vietnamese spices & herbs in their response, that’s a little closer khổng lồ the truth. But this recipe is more complicated than that.

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Making authentic spicy Vietnamese beef noodle soup is a little more challenging than other noodle dishes from this Southeast Asian country in terms of finding the ingredients. But read on, and I promise that the stimulating kick you get out of it is totally worth your time.



Born in one of the cradles of Vietnam’s fine cuisine, spicy Vietnamese beef noodle soup requires several ingredients that you may have difficulties purchasing outside the country. But you can find them online or buy them from large supermarkets/ gourmet stores.

Beef: While it is possible lớn choose any cut of the meat for this recipe, I recommend beef briskets with some muscles attached for a nice balance of meaty savoriness & chewiness. You can switch khổng lồ beef tendon for a gelatinous texture.

Pork knuckle: an important ingredient to create the rich and flavorful broth of this dish.

Pig blood curds: You can find this iron-rich food from certain meat purveyors or in Asian markets. Otherwise, feel không lấy phí to replace it with cow blood or simply leave it out.

Beef meatballs: one of the various sources of protein for this noodle soup.

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Vietnamese cinnamon pork pate (chả quế): this baked or roasted dish adds a nice fragrance và flavor to the whole noodle soup.

Huế-style pork sausage (chả huế): It is just natural to enjoy this Huế-originated noodle soup with another delicacy from this beautiful land.

Rice noodles: This dish tastes best with large strands of noodles, though you can choose products with finer strands.

Fine shrimp paste: While its raw form has an intense smell, the condiment transforms into a subtle flavor that is quite delicious and important to the success of the dish.

Lemongrass: a vital aromatic ingredient that creates the classic flavor of this dish. You also need some other similar herbs, such as shallots, onions, lime juice, etc.

Spices: Besides usual condiments, spicy Vietnamese beef noodle soup calls for cinnamon, cardamon, & anise.

Herb garnishes: Choose anything you like, but ensure that they are a mix of aromatic herbs & fresh greens. I usually pick coriander, laksa leaves, scallion, saw leaves, basil, shredded banana blossom, và bean sprouts.