Trà Dào (Vietnamese Peach Lemongrass Iced Tea With Ginger Like In Thailand


This lightly sweet Vietnamese Peach Tea is made with real peaches for a perfectly refreshing summer drink!

Peaches: An Ancient Fruit

In the States, when we think of peaches, we tend to lớn think of Georgia, thesouthern state that is know for their sweet peaches.

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What you may not know is that peaches actually have a long, global history, originating from Asia, where theyarea major part of the culture & folklore. (And,China still produces roughly một nửa of the world’s peach crop!)

Asian Origins

We find the significance of peaches running deep inmany ancient Asian cultures:

Ancient Chinese writings, dating as far back as 1100 & 1000BC, speak of peach tree branches and blossoms as protection from evil.A key Japanese semi-historicalhero, Momotaro, was said khổng lồ have been born from a giant peach. (Maybe he was the inspiration for James & his giant peach!) As in China, peaches in nhật bản are tied lớn the elimination of evil and misfortune.In Korea, peaches are considered the fruit of happiness & honor.In Vietnamese mythology, the peach branch wasused lớn signal victory after a battle. In Vietnam, peach blossoms signal springtime, peace, and happiness.

Peaches Around the World

The Persians (modern day Iranians) brought the peach khổng lồ Rome, where it was known as the “Persian apple,” malum persicum in Latin.Alexander the Great continued the spread of peaches into Europe, and it was in France thatpersicum became pêche, the word from which we get our termpeach.

In the early 1600s, peaches were brought khổng lồ Virginia from England. But, it wasn’t until the 1800sthat peaches began to lớn be grown more widely across the United States for general consumption.

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So, really, here in the States, we’re super late to the peach lovin’ party.

Vietnamese Peach Tea

In Vietnamese cuisine, peach tea is a common, refreshing, summer drink (as is Vietnamese iced coffee).

Often you will see the drink made using a flavored syrup or flavored teas, but the best versions are those that use fresh, ripe peaches to lớn infuse the tea with a subtle sweetness & the perfect peach flavor.

Making Fresh Peach Tea

Making this fresh peach tea could’t be easier.

First, we make a peach syrup by simmering peeled và sliced peaches with a little sugar. The amount of sugar necessary may vary depending on how sweet your peaches are. But, if you use sweet, ripe peaches, most of the sweetener for this tea comes from the peaches themselves!

Once the syrup has steeped, it is combined with strong black tea & chilled. That’s it!

Why use flavored syrups or artificially flavored teas when making your own fresh Peach Tea is SO incredibly simple?