Classic saucisson sec (french cured sausage) recipe

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In this article, I will show you how to lớn make Lanson sausage that is unmatched. This is very easy to bởi No need to go khổng lồ the back of the pine tree but can enjoy high quality food at home

Traveling after SonGet to lớn know the quintessence of Northeast Haute cuisine. & everyone loves the Central Highlands sausage here. How to make delicious Lanson sausage It is a dish that takes a lot of time & effort such as preparing ingredients, preliminary processing, preliminary processing, rolling balls, smoking.

1. Lap ribs – a quality flavor of the highlands.

Anyone who has visited Laing should not miss these dishes. Lang Son specialty menu This place is famous for delicious Lang Son sausages. Has a unique & very attractive taste

About color: Lanson ribs are bright red, eye-catching. Just looking at it made many diners “heartbroken”. About the taste: This dish is fragrant, sweet, greasy, not salty lượt thích other sausages. The tough taste of the filling blends with the rich flavor of the spice & the richness of the meat. Resulting in a very appetizing menu especially since the Lanson ribs have lớn be smoked to lớn get it right. Spring rolls therefore have a characteristic kitchen smoke smell.

Lanson sausage can be stored for a long time without affecting the quality. If you want to eat sausages, just grill or fry them in a pan & they will smell like cooking. Lanson sausage tastes better when eaten with rice or plain rice. Or eat with corn wine.


2. How khổng lồ make delicious Lanson sausage easy to lớn make.

2.1 Ingredients for making fresh Lanson sausage

How to lớn make Lanson Sausage requires meticulous step by step. The first step in the care process to prepare & find the ingredients is:

Shoulder fat 2 kg.Young heart about 5m0.5 liters of white wineWater 500 ml. 1 bottle1 charcoal bag, 1 sewing needle, 1 fine threadSeasoning: fish sauce, salt, pepper, seasoning, sugar, main noodles, …


2.2. How to lớn make Lanson Sausage

The Lanson Sausage recipe below is based on Langer’s recipe, however, you can change it up to lớn your liking.

2.2.1.Preparing ingredients for Lanson sausage

Raw material processing is very important. This Lanson sausage making process can affect the finished product và achieve the perfect flavor.

Meat part: Meat must be washed with water. Marinate in white wine for 10 minutes, then drain.

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With a child’s heart: First, you remove all the fat clinging to the outer wall of the intestine and use a chopstick lớn scrape off the sticky part inside. Next, you wash the small intestine with granulated salt & warm water và then rinse it with cold water again.


After cleaning and drying the lamp One over is tied khổng lồ inflate like a balloon. And the other kết thúc is tied. Then let it dry in the sun for about 2 hours.

2.2.2. Marinated Langson Pork Ribs

The lean part of your shoulder should be cleaned và dried before marinating.

Cut meat into small pieces place in a large bowl Season with seasonings such as salt, monosodium glutamate, sugar, pepper, a little trắng wine. Then mix everything togetherBring minced meat khổng lồ prepare the filling.


2.2.3. Sausage

According khổng lồ the Lanson Sausage Method, the small intestine can be washed và dried before shrinking và used to stuff sausages.

Cut the plastic bottle lượt thích a cone and insert the mouth of the plastic bottle into the mouth of the heart. Make packing easierPut the sausage stuffing into the funnel và then slowly put the meat into the small intestine until the filling is gone. After packing, Cut the sausages into 10 cm lengths và tie them with string. If the heart is too tight Use a needle to lớn puncture và let all the air out.2.2.4.How khổng lồ make and braise grilled pork ribs

After slicing, it must be blanched in boiling water. Then heat it on a charcoal fire to lớn dry, if there is no fire, let it dry in the sun for about 4 days.

When the sausage is done Put it in a special box và store it in the refrigerator.