Korean chapssal donut recipe


Today I’m going khổng lồ introduce you lớn one of my favorite after-school treats when I was a kid, something you can still find in many Korean bakeries và being sold on Korean streets today. It’s called kkwabaegi (꽈배기), or twisted dougnuts.

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I’m very happy khổng lồ see that the bread rolls (roll-ppang 롤빵) on my website were such a big hit for many of you. I learned this kkwabaegi recipe from the same friend who taught me roll-ppang! The dough is similar, but kkwabaegi are firmer.

You can buy kkwabaegi, but when you make them at home you can make sure the oil is fresh, và make them with care so they taste better & are cleaner and cheaper than what you can get on the street or a bakery. They are a nice treat once in a while when you or your children want some sweet stuff.

They are best right after making them, spongy on the inside when you tear them open with the steam pouring out. Tasty và fluffy!

The key to making beautiful kkwabaegi is to make sure that when you roll them, the center is just a bit thinner than the edges. That way, when you twist them, the over is nice và tight và not lumpy.

When I make these, I make a lot at once. That way I have hot fresh kkwabaegi to chia sẻ right away, & then I keep the rest in the freezer to lớn eat later. If I want one as a snack or dessert later, I take it out và let it thaw out at room temperature for a bit before eating it.

They go great with milk, & if you want to make yours sweeter than I make mine, địa chỉ cửa hàng a little more sugar in the dough.

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Try these out, và let me know how it goes!

Ingredients3 cups all purpose flour for doughnuts, plus 2 tablespoons for dusting2 tablespoons butter5 tablespoons white sugar1 cup milk1 eggcorn oil for frying½ teaspoon cinnamon powderDirections

Make the coating

Add 3 tablespoons sugar và the cinnamon powder lớn a brown paper bag. Shake to lớn mix well. Set aside.

Make the dough

Fully melt the butter in a small saucepan over medium heat. Remove from the heat and showroom milk, the rest of 2 tablespoons sugar, và salt. Mix well until everything is well dissolved. Crack an egg into the saucepan & mix well. Showroom the yeast and stir. Let it sit for 5 minutes.Transfer to a large bowl. địa chỉ 3 cups flour & mix well with a wooden spoon. When everything is well mixed, use your hand to knead the dough for a few minutes, and shape it into a big lump. Cover with plastic wrap.Deflate the gas with your hand & knead the dough for a few minutes until it’s soft and smooth. Cover with plastic wrap again & let it sit for 30 minutes lớn 1 hour until it doubles in kích cỡ again.

Roll out the doughnuts

Take the dough off the board, hold it aloft, & bring the ends together. The tension in the dough will twist it as it hangs. You can add as much tension as you like, but I think the best looking kkwabaegi has 3- 4 twists in it.Place the twisted dough on a floured cutting board or tray. Repeat with the rest of the pieces of dough.Let the doughnuts expand for about 30 minutes. 15 minutes in, gently flip each doughnut over with your hands so the bottoms don’t get flat & all sides expand nice và round.


Fry the doughnuts

Heat up 4 inches of oil in a deep skillet over medium high heat, until the temperature reaches 350° F. Lower the heat khổng lồ medium heat, then gently set each doughnut into the hot oil by hand. Be careful not lớn get your hands too close to lớn the oil. địa chỉ as many pieces lớn the oil as your skillet will allow, enough so the doughnuts can sit in the oil without pushing against each other.Cook for about 5 minutes, occasionally gently flipping them over with tongs, until they get crunchy outside & are evenly golden brown.Strain the cooked doughnuts. Put them in the brown paper bag with the sugar cinnamon mixture. Shake a few times until they are evenly coated. This is best done when the doughnuts are still warm. Repeat this with all the doughnuts until they are all cooked & coated.



Serve hot.You can freeze any leftovers for up lớn a month. Lớn rejuvenate them, take them out of the freezer & thaw at room temperature for 5 or 10 minutes before serving.

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