Fire Chicken With Cheese Dakgalbi

Cheese Dakgalbi (닭갈비) is a Korean spicy stir fry chicken that is marinated in gochujang paste, soy sauce, và sesame oil. It is mixed with vegetables & mozzarella cheese.

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Korean cuisines are mostly composed of meats, vegetables, & sauces. They are rich in flavors, which are usually spicy, sweet, and salty. Also, if you tried Korean food, you will know that they love khổng lồ use gochujang paste.

If you read my food blog, you will know that I made a Spicy Korean Beef stir fry which I use gochujang paste. In this post, I am going to make a spicy stir fry chicken dish called Cheese Dakgalbi.

What is Dakbalgi?

Dakbalgi (닭갈비) is a spicy Korean dish that is a stir fry chicken mixed with different vegetables lượt thích spring onion, cabbage, & carrots.

This recipe is a combination of sweet, spicy, & savory. Firstly, the sweetness comes from brown sugar & sesame oil. Secondly, the spiciness comes from red chili powder và gochujang paste. & lastly, the savoriness is from the soy sauce, ginger, garlic, và spring onion.

The chicken is marinated with red chili powder and a gochujang paste, which is a popular Korean red pepper paste. This pepper paste is a popular condiment that is used as a sauce for Bibimbap. Also, it is used to marinate the seafood or other meats before stir-frying them in the pan.

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To make my Dakbalgi unique, I added a mozzarella cheese in the center of the pan. That is because eating stir fry chicken with cheese makes it more delicious. In addition lớn that, eating with cheese will help reduce the spiciness in your mouth. For this reason, you might wonder why cheese is so popular among Korean cuisines, which is widely in most of their restaurants.

Recipe Ingredients

To make Cheese Dakgalbi, here are the important ingredients you need:


In a large plate bowl, I add the boneless chicken thigh, gochujang paste, red chili powder, soy sauce, sesame oil, garlic, ginger, and brown sugar.

By using the spoon, I mixed them gently, và then I keep them aside for 15 minutes to help the chicken absorb the flavor. If you don"t have time, you can just skip that part.

II. Cooking the Dakgalbi


Serve it with Instant noodle or any rice you like. Bon Appetite.

Note: Before adding the cheese, you want khổng lồ make sure your dakgalbi is not watery or has too much sauce. That is because you will have a hard time putting the cheese in the center of the pan. If that is the case, continue simmering till there is less sauce.

Tips và Hints

If your dakgalbi cheese is too spicy, do NOT địa chỉ the red chili powder. You can skip that when marinating the chicken. That way, your dish will be less spicy.You can địa chỉ cửa hàng Korean rice cake, sweet potatoes, or starch noodleInstead of adding the mozzarella cheese in the center, you can directly topped it above the chicken without moving them lớn the right or left side.You can use chicken with bones like a drumstick or thigh, but you will have to lớn cook it longer. If you don"t have Mozzarella cheese, you can use white cheddar, provolone, or any trắng processed cheese you like.

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