Korean Fried Chicken Recipe (Sweet


Would you care for super crunchy chicken that is coated with hugely addictive homemade Korean sweet chili sauce? Then read on.

This Korean fried chicken is perfect for any occasion and I’m sure everyone will fall in love with it instantly. Learn how to make it in three simple steps!


Korean fried chicken (KFC) is a popular snack and appetizer.

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Growing up in Korea, though, we often had it as our weekend dinner. It provided us an easy & lazy night dinner solution because all you need to vày was hotline up your local KFC store (of which there are many khổng lồ choose from), order the types of chicken you want then they will deliver it to lớn your door step within 30 mins. And, all for this under US $10! (Nowadays it costs a bit more than this of course.)

Anyhow, there are a few different types of Korean fried chicken available on the market, but the most famous one would be spicy Korean fried chicken (Yangnyeom Chicken, 양념치킨)!

Yangnyeom chicken is double deep fried chicken that is coated with sticky, spicy and sweet sauce. In my opinion, the taste và the sensation is almost magical! It’s super delicious and addictive!

Also, Korean fried chicken is often associated with beer. I don’t know the reasons, but they sure go well together! (Though my preference is pairing it with this ginger beersince I don’t drink alcoholic beverages often.)

Anyway, I hope you try my KFC recipe soon! You won’t be disappointed!

P.S. I also have a similar recipe called Korean popcorn chicken. This is a popular Korean street food if you want lớn try it out. It’s made with boneless chicken and with less spicy và less garlicy sauce. Nonetheless, it’s just as delicious as this Korean fried chicken recipe!


Ingredients for Korean Fried Chicken

MAIN1.4 kilogam / 3 pounds whole chicken, cut into pieces or chicken wings / drumsticks / boneless chicken thigh – choose from these based on your preference, rinsed2 tsp minced ginger1 tsp fine sea salt1/2 tsp ground đen pepperKOREAN FRIED CHICKEN SAUCE3 Tbsp tomato sauce / ketchup1/4 cup honey1/4 cup brown sugar2 Tbsp minced garlicOPTIONAL – to GARNISHroasted sesame seeds

*1 Tbsp = 15 ml, 1 Cup = 250 ml

**Learn about Korean ingredients

How to Make Korean Fried Chicken

1. In a bowl, place the chicken, rice wine, ginger, salt and black pepper. Combine them well. Then evenly coat the chicken with the starch và set side.

(To get the effect like the below picture, dip the individual chicken pieces into the bowl of starch, roll the chicken around a bit then take them out and set aside.)


2. In a deep saucepan (or frier) địa chỉ a generous amount of oil and heat it until the oil temperature reaches 175 C / 347 F (or boiling). Start adding the battered chicken carefully và fry them until they cook (between 3 to 5 mins, depending on the size of chicken). Vày not overcrowd the pan. (It might be useful khổng lồ use a grease splatter screen if you have one. It’s super handy! It minimises oil splatter.)

Take out the done chicken and place them onto some kitchen paper while frying the remaining chicken pieces. Once the first mix of deep frying is completed, quickly scoop out any floating debris from the oil using a skimmer. Then deep fry the chicken again when the oil temperature reaches 175 C / 347 F (or boiling). Fry them until the batter is golden & crisp. (The second time frying is shorter than the first time, 2 to lớn 3 mins)Set aside.

3. In a separate saucepan, showroom in the Korean fried chicken sauce ingredients (listed above). Heat the sauce over low to lớn medium heat và stir well. Once it starts bubbling, remove the pan from the heat.

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Place the double fried chicken into a large mixing bowl then pour the fried chicken sauce over the chicken lớn coat. Phối them lightly and thoroughly.Alternatively, serve the fried chicken & the sauce separately và use the sauce as a dipping sauce.

Once all the chicken is coated with the sauce, serve it hot immediately. Leftover chicken can be refrigerated for a day or two và eaten cold. But it won’t be as crunchy.

Side Dishes lớn Serve with Korean Fried Chicken

Pickled radish & pickled cucumbers are popular side dishes to serve with Korean fried chicken. These will help you wash out the oily taste from the fried chicken if you have it.