Easy korean fried chicken sauce recipe


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Make these double fried, crunchy, & crispy Korean fried chicken wings covered 2 sauces - sweet gochujang sauce or sticky soy garlic sauce! Read more about the different batters và sauces we used to lớn perfect this recipe!


If you"re looking for a comprehensive guide to making the best Korean fried chicken, you"re in the right place!

As a Korean American, I grew up eating this my whole life! For this recipe, I borrowed from my mom"s recipe & tried countless variations and techniques, to come up with my best version of Korean fried chicken wings!

Continue reading below khổng lồ see the results of experimenting with 4 different batters & two sauces, or skip lớn the recipe below!

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What is Korean fried chicken?


Korean fried chicken is a popular dish in South Korea that is called "KFC" or "chikin" in Korea. It was first introduced from the U.S. Military during the 1960s và has gained popularity ever since. What sets it apart from other fried chicken is that it"s double fried to lớn achieve the ultimate, crispy, crunchy crust that doesn"t get soggy once covered in sauce.

It can go by several different names in Korea:

huraideu chikin 후라이드 치킨 or peuraideu chikin프라이드 치킨 - which are both the phonetic spelling of "fried chicken" in English. dak-twigim닭튀김 - which means "deep fried chicken" in English.

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This dish is typically served with Korean pickled radish as a side dish and consumed with alcoholic beverages such as beer or soju.


In fact, it"s so common to serve this with beer in Korea, that this pairing is referred khổng lồ as "chimaek" in Korea, which is a combination of the word "chikin" (meaning fried chicken) và "maekju" (meaning beer).

Popular fried chicken restaurants in Seoul are BHC or Hanchu Chicken, which are my two favorite places. In the U.S., Gol Tong Chicken, Bonchon, & KyoChon Chicken are at the đứng top of the list!

Why this recipe works

Double fried - Double frying helps render out the fat from the chicken skin và gives it a crispy, crunchy exterior. It also helps the crust get golden brown và keep its crunchy texture after any sauce is applied. Four types of batter to lớn choose from - We"ve tested this recipe with all purpose flour, cornstarch, potato starch, & a wet batter. Read further below to lớn see the results of each batter và choose your favorite!

Wet batter vs dry batter

If you"re a fan of those crunchy bits when eating fried chicken, I recommend going with a dry batter. It creates a crackly, blistered crust that has tons of crunchy texture.

The photo below shows fried chicken made with a dry flour batter. It has lots of crunchy golden brown bits attached and the surface is more irregular creating more crunch & texture.

Fried chicken wings with a dry flour batter

If you"re a fan hâm mộ of a lighter, crispier tempera style crust, I would recommend using the wet batter. It"s a smoother, thinner crust that still has a crispy texture, though it"s more delicate than a dry flour coating.

Fried chicken wings with a wet batter

Which flour is best?

Korean fried chicken is commonly made with cornstarch, all purpose flour, or potato starch, or any combination of the above. We decided to thử nghiệm out all three to see which is our favorite & compare their texture và flavor.

Our favorite ended up being cornstarch for it"s blistered crust and crackly texture! But the all purpose flour & potato starch were a close second, so I"d say it"s up to personal preference when deciding which flour lớn use.

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Here"s a breakdown of what we found:

All purpose flour - thickest crust with the most crunch.Cornstarch - crispy, crackly texture with a blistered crust. Potato starch - has the best flavor, thinner crust with a light, delicate crisp. While flour and cornstarch are pretty flavorless, potato starch has lots of flavor!

Korean fried chicken sauce - Spicy or Mild

Gochujang Sauce (yangnyeom sauce)

This is by far the most popular sauce for Korean fried chicken. It"s an easy sweet & spicy sauce made with gochujang that sticks khổng lồ your fingers!

It takes less than 10 minutes to make and you can serve it with so many other dishes! Two ingredients in this sauce is strawberry jam và ketchup, which is commonly added khổng lồ fried chicken sauce in Korea.


Soy Garlic Sauce

This soy garlic sauce is a sweet và tangy glaze made of soy sauce, honey, garlic, & rice wine vinegar. An equally delicious sauce that"s perfect for those who prefer a non-spicy or mild wing sauce. Or you can skip the sauce entirely & eat them plain!


Ingredients you"ll need

Dry Batter:

Flour - choose all purpose flour, cornstarch, or potato starch based on your preference for what type of texture you prefer. See the photos above for comparison.Chicken wings - I used skin-on, bone-in drumettes và flats

Wet Batter:


For the wet batter, coat each wing with cornstarch và then dip it into a wet batter made of flour, water, và cornstarch.

Step by step instructions

Season your chicken with salt and other spices if desired.Batter the chicken wings with either a dry flour coating or a wet batter.First fry: Working in batches, fry the chicken in cooking oil heated to 345 degrees F for 5 to lớn 7 minutes. Let it drain on a cooling rack and showroom in the next batch.Second fry: Raise the temperature of the oil to lớn 375 degrees F and fry in batches until the exterior becomes crunchy & golden brown. Let it drain on a cooling rack và work on the next batch.Serve immediately if you wish to eat them plain. Otherwise, showroom the wings to lớn a large bowl and địa chỉ cửa hàng your sauce and toss to lớn evenly coat. (If desired, địa chỉ sliced jalapenos và chili for added spice, like the restaurant Gol Tong Chicken.)Serve immediately with extra dipping sauce!

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