Eomukguk (fish cake soup) recipe by maangchi

The Korean word for fishcake is Eomuk (어묵). But many – including myself – grew up calling it Odeng – which comes from the Japanese word “odeng”.

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(History note: Korea was colonized by japan from 1910 to 1945 - & Koreans were forced khổng lồ learn Japanese during this period.)

As a result, many Japanese-based words are still integrated in colloquial Korean

Back lớn the recipe! So why is Odeng loved so much? It’s tasty, cheap & perfect as a filler ingredient.

If you visit Seoul, you’ll see street carts that sell Tteokbokki, Sundae & Skewered Odeng (Eomuk). One skewer typically goes for 500 won ($0.50).


The best part about eating this is the broth that the skewers simmer in. At the street carts, you can pour yourself a cup (self-service).

It’s salty, savory and especially good on cold days!

When it comes khổng lồ Korean homecooking, eomuk is typically stir-fried into a savory banchan.

Today, I will teach you a simple recipe that"s delicious & easy to lớn make:

Before we start, what is Korean Odeng (Eomuk) made of?

It’s typically, a set of alaskan pollock, cod, tilapia, & others depending on the region and season.

The leftover pieces from these fishes are grounded into a paste and mixed with flour.

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Then finely-chopped carrots, onion, salt, sugar và other ingredients are mixed into the thick và sticky paste.


The paste is rolled, shaped & cut into various shapes (sheets, balls & ovals). Then deep-fried for a few minutes.

You can think of it as the sausage of the sea!

This Stir-fried Odeng banchan is very popular as a simple banchan. You’ll see it included in meals at school cafeterias, restaurants và convenience-store dosirak lunch boxes.

Cooking Tips:

Add some water into the frying pan after you stir-fry the pieces – it will create steam which helps lớn tenderize và soften the fishcake pieces.

Don"t forget that slight touch of sweetness – add-in a scoop of honey (1 Tablespoon).

When purchasing Korean fish cakes, we recommend Busan-based brands. Busan is a port đô thị that is famous for its fresh seafood products.

If you make it home, give us a tag on IG! We love seeing flipping through your pics in the morning!

Much love lớn you from Korea. Daniel out! 🕺

P.s. If you"re cooking (or eating alone) at home - don"t get too lonely! Play our latest discussions in the background and enjoy some food-for-thought 🙉: