20+ amazing keto sausage recipes


I prefer to lớn make my own Keto Homemade Breakfast Sausage to lớn buying expensive sugar không tính tiền breakfast sausage at the market. Living the keto lifestyle is not exactly cheap, so saving a little money whenever I can is a bonus. Furthermore, when I make my own sausage I control what goes into it và I can adjust the seasonings to lớn suit my taste.

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Macros: Fat – 17 gms, Net Carbs – 0.2 gms, Protein – 10 gms

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Many Uses for Keto Homemade Breakfast Sausage

There are so many great ways to lớn use the Keto Homemade breakfast sausage. For example, you can whip up a great sausage pasta sauce and serve it over spiralized zucchini. Another option is khổng lồ use it as a topping on a keto pizza.

If you like sausage for breakfast, then you may like this sausage biscuits và gravy recipe from Ruled Me. But, my all-time favorite use for this delicious sausage is the Keto Mac Griddle breakfast sandwich.

I’d love khổng lồ hear how you use your breakfast sausage và see some of your favorite recipes. Feel không lấy phí to leave a message in the comments below with a links to your favorite recipe.

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Homemade Breakfast Sausage is Perfect For Keto Meal Prep

The homemade breakfast sausage is great for keto meal prep. 3d a double batch and pre-cook your sausage. I form patties, liên kết and some bulk sausage that I cook ahead of time. The pre-cooked sausage freezes well or refrigerate it for up lớn a week. The added fat keeps it moist & tender và it tastes great warmed up in the microwave.


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