Narutomaki: the unmissable ramen topping!

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A fun appetizer & dip to lớn share! Made from kamaboko (fish cake), cream cheese, mayonnaise, & popular pantry items. Pair with crackers or chips.

Kamaboko Dip, ready to eat. Serve with Ritz Crackers ^_^

Kamaboko Dip

Hooray for Kamaboko Dip!

You know all the popular dips…spinach dip, crab dip, 7-layer dip? Well in Hawaii we have Kamaboko Dip. It is onolicious.

Kamaboko (steamed Japanese fish cake) is the foundation of the dip. It’s mixed with cream cheese, mayonnaise, water chestnuts, green onions, dashi powder, và sea salt to form a creamy, savory dip (with a bit of a crunch!)

We always pair this dip with Ritz Crackers ^_^

Kamaboko Dip at Costco Hawaii (Waipio location)

Kamaboko Dip In Hawaii

99% of the time when you eat kamaboko dip in Hawaii, it will be at a family or friends gathering like a tiệc ngọt or potluck. Guarantee someone (usually your auntie or friend’s mom) will bring a nice big serving of kamaboko dip và many of Ritz Crackers for dipping.

You can also buy kamaboko dip from places lượt thích Costco Hawaii. P.S. Definitely visit Costco Hawaii when you visit, our Costco locations carries many cool items that you won’t find at any other Costcos.

Ingredients for Kamaboko Dip


Here’s what you’ll need:

Kamaboko– Japanese steamed fish cake, sold in a log or black. More details on this below.Green Onions
Mixing the Kamaboko Dip


This recipe require no actual cooking, & just 3 easy steps.

First Step. Grate (or finely chop) the kamaboko.

Second Step. Mix together in a mixing bowl: grated kamaboko, cream cheese, mayonnaise, diced water chestnuts, half the green onions, hondashi, and sea salt.

Place it in the refrigerator for 30 minutes lớn chill.

Third Step. Remove from the refrigerator, đứng đầu with the remaining green onions. Serve with Ritz Crackers (or any chip/cracker you prefer). Eat & enjoy ^_^

Grated kamaboko

Details, Details

Grating Versus Chopping KamabokoDefinitely grate the kamaboko if you can.

Grating kamaboko can be a pain…be careful not to lớn accidentally grate your fingers o_O. Why grate? Because it makes the kamaboko kind of sticky, & then it blends better with the other ingredients.

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If you don’t have a grater (or don’t want to deal with cleaning it), just chop the kamaboko very, very finely. Chop it as tiny as you can get it.

Mixing The Green OnionsSome people lượt thích to phối all the green onions in at the beginning. You can vì that, but it may make the dip a bit watery if you plan to lớn keep it in the fridge for more than a day (eg. If you’re making the dip a day in advance for a party).

I lượt thích to set half the green onions in at the beginning và save the other half to top the dip right before serving. It also looks much prettier this way.

Block of Okuhara kamaboko

What Is Kamaboko?

Kamaboko is a steamed Japanese fish cake. It’s pink and white & typically sold as a log or block. These are several local Hawaii brands that make kamaboko including Amano & Okuhara (pictured above).

You can find kamaboko at all supermarkets in Hawaii…and even at Costco Hawaii and our local drugstore. On the mainland, you can find kamaboko at Japanese markets.

We usually slice kamaboko và serve it with saimin (try get the dễ thương pink và white swirly design kamaboko if you’re using it for saimin!) We also use kamaboko in fried saimin và dry mein.

Jar of Best Foods Mayonnaise

About The Mayonnaise

You can use any brand of mayonnaise you prefer, but in Hawaii we always use Best Foods Mayonnaise. It’s the same brand we use for our mac salad & basically anytime mayonnaise is featured in a local dish.

So if you want khổng lồ nail the exact “local flavor” of this dish, do your best to lớn get the Best Foods brand. Note: Best Foods is sold under the Hellmann’s name on east of the Rocky Mountains (so random!)

Kamaboko Dip, ready khổng lồ eat

Questions and Tips

How to serve this dip?

Serve this fish cake dip chilled. Serve it with chips or crackers to dip. Ritz Crackers are traditional, but this goes good with all chips or crackers! You can even use it as a sandwich spread or serve it with celery or carrot sticks.