Coconut jelly


Coconut jelly is a sweet, tropical, flavoured dessert eaten with dim sum or topped with other sweets or drinks. This article teaches you how best lớn utilize this extremely versatile element to lớn its fullest potential.

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A spoonful of jelly made in a fresh coconut | Image from seaweed_seamoss_seagrapes

This dessert is relatively overlooked by those unfamiliar with Asian cooking, but its refreshing, delightful texture is sure lớn improve anything.

Without further ado, let’s begin by learning about this woefully unknown sweet component.

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What is it made of?

Coconut jelly is made of coconut cream, milk & agar agar powder. Cooks may sometimes use a different setting agent or địa chỉ sugar for sweetness.

Agar-agar powder can phối the liquids, which gives the dessert light & crumbly mouthfeel. It breaks apart before melting in the mouth. However, since this dessert is utilized in different places, the ingredients’ quantities also vary.

Deliciously smooth cups of coconut jelly | Image from sweetcoconutjelly

When coconut jelly is a drink topping (such as on boba), coconut water is present in the most considerable amount to not interfere with any other flavours. On the other hand, when eaten on its own as coconut cubes, pudding or a dim sum dessert, it has more presence & body. This is thanks to the larger quantity of the fruit’s milk and cream. 

In the end, the ratios for both of these depend on what recipe you are making. For example, we have included two different proportions in our Chinese coconut jelly fruit recipe. One ratio requires using more water & more cream. Another uses equal parts of all three components of the fruit.

How khổng lồ Enjoy

The possibilities for this dessert are genuinely endless. You can add it to lớn drinks, enjoy it on its own as a refreshing dessert or snack, or địa chỉ it khổng lồ any number of things. In addition, many cultures utilize similar preparations in their desserts.

For example, a similar Filipino creation uses it as a topping in halo-halo.

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In Vietnam, this cubed dessert is cut into bite-size pieces. Then you eat it on its own as a summertime sweet. You can also choose to directly eat it from a bowl without cutting it for a nice pudding treat!

Refreshing cubed vegan jelly. | Image from chokoandboys

Don’t limit yourself lớn this recipe’s more traditional & popular uses! Instead, you can showroom it khổng lồ anything. From ice cream sundaes lớn a cake topping lớn fruit salad to lớn granola và smoothies. The sky is the limit.

You can even use it to make your very own boba pearls for a light, refreshing take on the popular drink addition. We have included the recipe for making these pearls.

Chinese Vegan Dessert

Chinese coconut jelly is vegan and is one of the most ordered dishes at the over of a dim sum course. This vegan jelly uses agar agar powder derived from seaweed instead of gelatin which comes from animal bones. Therefore, lượt thích aiyu or herbal jelly, another traditional Chinese dessert, this creamy dessert is vegan. 

On its own, coconut cream is also an excellent way to địa chỉ cửa hàng richness lớn desserts without adding dairy. Unfortunately, at dim sum restaurants, vegan options are often limited. So, this provides a perfect example of one vegan dish without sacrificing anything in terms of taste & texture!

Coconut Jelly Calories

This dish is excellent as a dessert since it is exceptionally low calorie. A single large slab of this coconut jelly nets only 150 calories. It also contains a good quantity of protein, thanks lớn the coconut-derived additions in the recipe. 

Please note, however, that it does contain carbohydrates due lớn the added sugar in the recipe. You can omit the sugar, but it will change the flavour. Hence, we recommend adding sugar when making this Chinese coconut jelly recipe.

A bowl of refreshingly sweet and creamy jelly dessert. | Image from seaweed_seamoss_seagrapes


The ingredients we use in this coconut jelly recipe are pretty simple. Coconut water and its cream, sugar, and agar powder are the bare-bones foundation. Instead of agar powder, you can also use gelatin to set the liquid. However, this will make the dish not vegan friendly.

However, you can địa chỉ whatever you please to the recipe as a flavouring. For example, Almond, orange, ginger, & rose water are great flavours.

Any fruit would go well. Herbs lượt thích mint, basil, & tarragon could also work. Once you master the technique of preparing this coconut jelly, you can showroom anything khổng lồ enhance its taste profile.

Cooking Tips

Please chú ý that you will need a freezer-safe mould or pan lớn make this recipe, as well as a saucepan.Feel miễn phí to địa chỉ any more fruits & toppings you would like.This recipe requires 3 hours of idle rest time.