Easy mochi ice cream recipe

Japanese Mochi Ice Cream. Chewy on the outside, soft & creamy on the inside. Perfect for dessert on a warm day! These mochi ice cream balls are made with 5 ingredients & can be dairy-free & vegan if you buy dairy-free ice cream.

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I love Mochi Ice Cream! They are one of my all time favourite desserts in the world. I just adore the texture of the chewy rice wrapper about the soft creamy ball of ice cream. There are also multiple mochi fillings from matcha ice cream to lớn strawberry lớn vanilla or chocolate!

Japanese Mochi Ice Cream is a dessert that has been around for ages & one that I"ve always wanted lớn make but was too intimidated by. But it really wasn"t too challenging. I can"t say it was easy because then I"d be lying.

I think the most hardest part was sealing the wrapper around the ball of ice cream before it melts. However if you follow my tips & recipe carefully, you should be fine! Please don"t let the above frighten you from making them. I tóm tắt step by step pictures on how lớn make ice cream mochi.

I know there are many mochi ice cream recipes online but this one only contains 5 ingredients! So do check it out and let me know if it works for you!

For this Recipe

You will need the following mochi ice cream ingredients:

12 scoops matcha ice cream1.5 cups glutinous rice flour *it must be glutinous rice flour, not rice flour as rice flour is not sticky enough and you won"t be able lớn achieve the same results*3 tbsp icing sugar1.5 cups hot boiling waterCornstarch for dusting your work surface

How to Make Mochi Ice Cream

The night before:

Scoop your ice cream using an ice cream scoop và pack it into the scoop. Scrape off any excess ice cream on the top và release the ice cream ball into a silicone muffin cup. The bottom of the ball should be flat.


Tips for Making theMochi Ice Cream

Scoop your ice cream using an ice cream scoop & press it firm into the scoopFlatten your ice cream balls so the base is completely flat using a knifeScoop your ice cream balls into silicone muffin cups or cling film. Something that you can easily peel away from. This will come in handy & prevents the heat of your fingers from touching the ice cream when you wrap itFreeze the ice cream balls for at least 4 hours uncovered or overnight in a sealed container. But no more than 2 days or it"ll freezer burn The dough is actually very easy to lớn make. But I HIGHLY recommend kneading it on a WELL-FLOURED SMOOTH surface. It"s important. This dough ball is very sticky so if you don"t coat it in enough corn starch, it"ll stick everywhere making it a very challenging process. Use a heavy weight rolling pin & roll out your dough thinly.Use a 11-12 centimet in diameter round cookie cutter or a traditional rice bowl if you have one.Refrigerate your wrappers for 30 minutes khổng lồ ensure they"ve cooled down so when you wrap your ice cream it won"t melt the ice creamWhen wrapping you must work quickly or the ice cream will meltWhen wrapping pull the wrapper up around the ice cream ball and pinch the ends so they wrap up into a little ball. There"s no right or wrong way to do this but you do want lớn seal your ball up so the ice cream can"t escapeUse cling film lớn wrap your mochi ball and twist the ends but don"t twist too tightly as it can impact the shape of your ballFreeze the mochi ice cream balls overnight in an airtight container. Before serving, allow lớn sit in room temperature for 7-10 minutes lớn thaw a little until soft. Then enjoy!

I hope these tips were helping in teaching you how to lớn make mochi ice cream!


Where can I find glutinous rice flour?

This ingredient can be found at most Asian grocery stores in the flour or dried section aisle. You may also find it online.

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Can I use Rice Flour not Glutinous Rice Flour for mochi ice cream?

No it must be glutinous rice flour, not rice flour as rice flour is not sticky enough and you won"t be able lớn achieve the same results.

What is Japanese mochi ice cream?

It is ice cream that is frozen solid và wrapped in a delicious soft chewy mochi dough that is slightly powdered. When defrosted a bit, the contrast of the ice cream against the chewy soft dough is so delicious!

What is mochi ice cream made of?

I It"s ice cream wrapped in a soft chewy dough made of glutinous rice flour.

Give it a try!

Well I hope you give my Japanese Mochi Ice Cream recipe a try! It always excites me when you guys make my recipes và I hope this is one you try.

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