I had tteokbokki for lunch spicy stir


Address: 3 Temasek Blvd, #B1-107, Singapore 038984

Cuisine: Korean

Nearest MRT: Esplanade/ Promenade (Circle line) or city Hall (NS/ ES line)

Buffet prices for Dookki

At $18.80++ for adults & $10.80++ for children, the Dookki búp phê is priced affordably. It is more than just eating tteokbokki because the buffet has a wide selection of food, including Korean ramen, seasoned meat, vegetables, eggs, seafood etc. Diners have a time limit of one and a half hour for each meal, of which the timing starts once you get your table and the soup base has been prepared. The timing is sufficient for everyone to finish the food and also to lớn ensure that diners bởi not stay too long in the restaurant.

Self serve salad bar

At the self serve bar, you can help yourself lớn various shapes và sizes of tteokbokki, including star-shaped or heart-shaped ones, lettuce, carrots, hot dog franks, tomatoes, mushrooms etc.

Ramen station

Due khổng lồ the cheapskate nature of some people, the restaurant had to lớn put up notices in the store advise people not to bring home the Korean ramyeon no matter how yummy it is. Being ramyeon lovers, our table alone consumed 6 packets of these at the hotpot session. The one thing that makes Korean ramyeon so tasty compared lớn instant noodles is its springiness.

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Enjoying the tteokbokki hotpot

The hotpot in the middle of the table is just nice to be shared among 4 diners. As with the meticulous nature of Koreans, they provided a bowl for raw food, a bowl for food waste, a plate for the cooked food và individual eating bowls.

kimchi fried rice

After the first meal of tteokbokki hotpot. The second meal is kimchi fried rice. The staff would cook the fried rice for the diners. They emptied the soup base, made use of the sauces, added rice, cheese, seaweed, corn and sesame oil, before whipping up a sumptuous kimchi fried rice for us lớn enjoy.

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Bingsu making station

To over off the wonderful meal, there was a self serve bingsu station. We had fun making our own bingsu which was quite easy as we only needed khổng lồ place our bowl at the bottom of the machine và press a button. Thinly shaved ice came out and we could top it off with chocolate sauce. The bingsu flavour changes from day khổng lồ day. The bingsu did not taste as nice as that at Oma Spoon, probably because little carnation milk was used khổng lồ flavour the ice.

Overall, Dookki is not a fine dining experience, nor the service is as impeccable as Haidilao, but to satisfy your Korean food craving in an informal dining setting. It is a suitable place khổng lồ dine out with family & even let the kids have fun cooking their own food or making the bingsu.