Spicy Tuna Fish Cakes Recipe


This Korean Spicy Fish Cake Stir-Fry (Eomuk Bokkeum) is loaded with the best flavors: spicy, savory, và sweet! Good enough lớn eat by itself but makes perfect banchan for any day of the week! Be sure to lớn get your rice ready just in case!

Eomuk Bokkeum, also known as fish cake stir-fry, is one of a popular side dish from Korea.

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There are many variations khổng lồ this side dish, however the two main types are the spicy và the non-spicy versions. Once you tasted a sample of this spicy Eomuk Bokkeum, you may kết thúc up clearing the whole plate! If you are a big fan hâm mộ of spicy tteokbokki, you will also love this recipe!!


what is eomuk bokkeum?

Eomuk means fish cake and Bokkeum means stir fry. Eomuk is typically made with a set of mild flavored fish, starch và vegetables. It’s first made into a paste, then steamed or deep fried. I have once tried making this at home, và it sure was a lot of work!!

what does eomuk/fish cake look like?

Eomuk comes in variety of shapes & colors! Some are round like meatballs, some are cylindrical, some are elongated, cubed và some are flat rectangles. They also come in different colors and flavors. Some have more vegetables than others & some even have octopus chunks!!

Their màu sắc ranges from white, yellow, tan, pink & brown. The ones you use for this recipe is the tan colored ones. I want to lớn say the texture reminds me of fried tofu that’s been pressed out. They are thin và flexible enough to pass through the skewer sticks.

But for this recipe, I used the flat rectangular ones. They measure around 4″x6″ in kích cỡ and about 1/8″ thickness. (These are just my eyeball estimation) You can find them in the freezer section of Asian grocery stores. They are very affordable và long lasting in the freezer!!

what does eomuk taste like?

They have a combination of sweet, salty, savory và seafood flavor all together. But they don’t have a strong fish scent. You can also showroom rice wine & more greens lớn reduce the fish scent.

is eomuk same as odeng?

Yes, Odeng và Eomuk is essentially the same.

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You will hear Koreans say odeng more often than eomuk. It’s more of a slang word. But in books, the proper Korean word for fish cake is eomuk.

You may have heard of odeng gook. It’s a fish cake soup boiled in dashi stock. They are typically displayed on the long skewers & sold next to lớn tteokbokki, another popular street vendor food.

where did odeng originate from?

There was one type of Japanese food that adapted well with the Koreans during the Japanese occupation. It was called oden, which meant fish cake in Japanese. You can guess from there, oden remained popular even after Japanese left. Eventually Koreans called fish cake “odeng“.


can you eat cold eomuk?

You can technically eat eomuk cold, however, I recommend heating eomuk before eating it. Although they are packed as precooked fish cake, it will taste so much better và have better texture after being cooked.

can you store the spicy fish cake stir-fry?

Since Eomuk Bokkeum is a stir-fried dish with a spicy sauce, it can last in the fridge longer than other side dishes. But I would say no more than 4 days. If you see the texture change from chewy khổng lồ very soft, it’s best lớn discard it.

what pairs well with eomuk bokkeum?

This dish can be eaten alone with hot rice or paired with other Korean side dishes & meats. Eomuk Bokkeum is also a popular side dish for packing into bento boxes or doshirak. Here are some of my suggested dishes:

recommended ingredients:

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