Hot Dog Sushi


It’s no overstatement to say that I’m a huge EarthBound fan; và in turn, a tín đồ of the entire MOTHER series. Indeed, it was the bizarre foods from these games that originally inspired the blog itself! 

Right now, hundreds of EarthBound fans from across the country are meeting up in a small Tucson khách sạn for the second Camp Fangamer convention; except for me that is :c …. Not one to lớn take an unaccommodating work schedule sitting down, I wanted khổng lồ put out another recipe from MOTHER 3, in honor of this year’s camp theme. 

This one’s for you, guys. I miss you all!


Mother 3 is a game with a lot of chimeras. Most of these mixed up amalgams come in the size of enemies you’ll find along the way; like a snake with a chicken’s head, or a half-kangaroo, half-hammerhead shark monster (cue the “What has science done!?” memes).

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Marketed as a ‘sophisticated good’ in New Pork City, the Hot Dog Sushi is merely a type of culinary chimera which I promise won’t inspire nearly as many nightmares as the abominations above.


This recipe is everything I love about writing this blog: weird food, coupled with a vague in-game sprite & description, really gives me the creative freedom to have fun exploring different ideas. The fact that they came out SUPER TASTY only adds lớn the satisfaction, so I certainly hope you can give them a shot sometime. :>

Now click ‘Continue Reading’ and let’s get khổng lồ it!

+ Hot Dog Sushi Roll +

 Nori1 sheet
 Sushi Riceheaping 1/4 cup (cooked, & warm)
 Ground Mustard1 TBSP
 Baby Dill Pickles6 each
 Cocktail Franks6 each
 Ketcup1 tsp
EQUIPPot (to cook the rice in)Sushi Mat (not required, but pretty useful)Sharp KnifePlastic Wrap


WALKTHROUGHPlace sushi mat (if using) on a flat surface và place a similarly sized piece of plastic wrap over it. On đứng đầu of this, lay your nori.Cook your sushi rice according lớn the package instructions. While it’s cooking, slice the pickles into thin strips và cut the cocktail franks lengthwise into quarters. Mix aside.Once the rice is done, let it cool slightly before using. Spoon the still warm sushi rice on lớn the bottom third of the nori. địa chỉ to this, your mustard, julienned gherkins, sliced hot dog pieces, và ketchup.Lifting the plastic wrap up, rather than the seaweed itself, begin khổng lồ curl the nori around the rice & fillings (the latent heat of the rice will help seal it closed và keep it tight).

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Press the roll together lớn ensure an even shape (the sushi mat comes in handy for this).Using a very sharp knife (carefully!), pierce the nori at regular intervals (this will show you the eventual height of your rolls) & then using a small sawing motion, cut through the roll, being careful not the disturb the inner structure.


+ Hot Dog Topper +

 Small Dinner Roll 1 per every two rolls
 Cocktail Franks1 per roll
 Lettuceas needed
 Ketchupas needed
EQUIPSharp KnifeParchment Paper

In order to lớn achieve the ‘hot dog bun’ on đứng top of the sushi, I mixed up some brioche dough according khổng lồ this recipe & baked my own small rolls. Although they came out well, I don’t think it’s truly necessary, and including instructions would kết thúc up adding a lot of extra work lớn an otherwise straightforward procedure. To lớn that end, I think small store-bought dinner rolls cut into quarters should be just fine. :>


WALKTHROUGHPlace two slices of ‘hot dog bun’ side by side on đứng top of the sushi rolls, leading some space in between them. Ever so slightly dipping the bottoms of the bread in water can help them stick khổng lồ the rice (thanks, Kobaiyashi!).Place your cocktail frank, & piece of lettuce (or kale, or any non-herb green leaf really) in between the buns.


And that’s all there is to lớn it! Now go ahead and enjoy this New Pork đô thị delicacy!


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