Richie's pizza & hot dogs


From thin crust to deep dish and everything in between, regional pizza variations are a point of pride for cities all around the US. Find your favorite slice with our pizza-lovers danh sách – curated with your taste buds in mind.

New York Style


Grab a slice of thành phố new york City’s world-famous thin-crust pizza

A thin, hand-tossed, oversized thành phố new york style pizza is perhaps the most widely recognized regional slice. You can find a classic, fresh-baked slice by walking in just about any direction for 5 minutes in thủ đô new york City. If you’re looking for the best, don’t miss out on visiting Joe’s or Grimaldi"s. Spend your nights at LUMA hotel - Times Square, which is right by all the kích hoạt the city has lớn offer, & only a few minutes away from Joe’s, so you can grab a quick slice after your day out.

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Chicago Style


Forks & knives are optional when digging into Chicago deep dish

Chicago-style deep dish is one of the most quality kinds of pizzas out there, with its thick pan-baked crust và slathered with sauce on top. You might need lớn pull out a knife and fork for this hearty slice, but it will all be worth it when you taste that melting mozzarella.For the best spot, Chicagoans will point you khổng lồ either Giordano"s or Lou Malnati"s. Just down the street from the latter is LondonHouse Chicago, which is situated in the Loop & overlooks the Chicago River.

St. Louis Style


Choose either crust or middle for your St. Louis pizza

Trade the slices in for squares with St. Louis-style pizza. This pizza is characterized by its cracker-thin crust, Provel cheese, and square slices. Its crispy goodness only begs one question: Crust or middle slice?After your pizza & a trip khổng lồ the St. Louis Arch, spend a relaxing night at the Drury Plaza St. Louis at the Arch, which offers a great location, comfortable rooms, và complimentary breakfast.

Detroit Style


Eat pizza by the pan in Detroit

Head over to Detroit for a rectangular pan pizza with a thick, yet still crispy, crust. Pile this boat-like pizza up with your favorite toppings at the pizzeria credited for the creating the Detroit style, Buddy"s Pizza, where you can enjoy a true slice of Michigan. A short walk from Buddy’s is the Aloft Detroit at The David Whitney hotel, which has a stunning atmosphere, a centralized location, as well as on-site billiards, bar, and a gym.

California Style


Stay (somewhat) healthy & organic with California style pizza

California style pizza takes inspiration from new york with its thin crust, but it adds local flavor with its toppings. This pizza usually sources healthy, fresh, organic, và sustainable items like artichoke, avocado, goat cheese, duck sausage, and truffles instead of sausage or pepperoni.Often this pizza is available in vegan and vegetarian options, và you can never go wrong with trying it out at the famous California Pizza Kitchen. The original location is in Beverly Hills, và you can stay at Beverly Wilshire, A Four Seasons hotel on Rodeo Drive to round-out your California adventure.

Colorado Style

This big, braided, fluffy pizza has its home in Colorado. This pie is chất lượng due khổng lồ its honey infused braided crust, wood-fired baking, và impressive heft – with pizzas weighing up lớn 14 pounds! Head over to lớn Beau Jo’s after a day in the mountains for an authentic pie.Explore the Arvada Beau Jo’s location just outside of Denver, then head back downtown with a stay at the ART. This uniquely designed khách sạn is the perfect mix of elegance và comfort with an artistic twist that holds true to its name.

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