Filipino Hotcakes


Filipino Hotcakes are our version of pancakes & my childhood và school days would’ve been incomplete without them.

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I haven’t had Filipino Hotcakes since I left the country & it was a long time ago. I wonder if there are still food carts selling them in my hometown. I must find out when I come back khổng lồ visit.

Usually, Filipino Hotcakes are eaten as afternoon snack và also considered as a street food. They can be bought from food carts and usually enjoyed with a cold juice (usually from the same seller).

These hotcakes are soft, spongy, have a signature yellow color and usually thin (but not as thin as crepes). However, my version is a little thick compared to lớn the ones in food carts. Và that’s what I love about making your own hotcakes (or any food in general) because you can make it as per your liking.

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HOTCAKES: We usually use evaporated milk và margarine instead of fresh/whole milk và butter. We also địa chỉ cửa hàng yellow food color to get the signature yellow màu sắc of the traditional hotcakes. It is also topped with margarine and sugar; no syrup.

PANCAKES: According to my pancake experiences, fresh/whole milk và butter are used in the recipe. & they are served with butter và syrup (maple, strawberry, chocolate… whatever you like) & with fruits, too.



I used a gel yellow food color.When I measured the batter for each hotcake, I used the ½ cup (125 ml) measuring cup, but I didn’t fill it all the way. I think that’s only 95 ml (1/2 cup less 2 tbsp) because I didn’t want the hotcakes to lớn spread a lot or to be too thick.You can swirl the pan in order for the batter khổng lồ spread & be thin; I didn’t vày it.I always prefer the hotcakes in room temperature because I don’t want the margarine lớn melt.If there are leftovers, it can be stored in a container và kept in the fridge. To lớn heat them, you can use a microwave oven or on a stove đứng đầu pan over low heat.


I’ve shared a recipe đoạn clip on ourYouTube channel. I hope you can kiểm tra it out. While you are there, maybe you’d see something you’d like. If you do, please don’t forget lớn share, lượt thích and subscribe. Hope to see you there!

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These Filipino Hotcakes are soft, spongy, & then topped with margarine và sugar. One of my favorite childhood street foods.