Calabrese honey pizza


This salami pizza drizzled with hot honey is a unique, but perfect twist on a traditional pizza that hits the sweet và spicy taste buds.

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You might never put pepperoni on another pizza again.


Yes I"m posting yet another pizza recipe. I mean when I make pizza every Friday, I"m bound to nói qua quite a few recipes - from broccoli rabe pizza to pumpkin pizza.

However you might have noticed I don"t actually have just a standard pizza with red sauce. Now I wouldn"t gọi this salami pizza traditional, but it does include some homemade pizza sauce.

About a year ago, instead of making pizza, Lauren and I went with some friends lớn a local pizzeria called Paulie Gee"s. I had heard about it for a while and figured it was time lớn actually step away from homemade pizza. We weren"t disappointed by what we ordered.

One of the pizzas was called FN-2187 (Star Wars fans know this reference) & had mozzarella, Parmesan và salami that was topped with a ricotta drizzle và Mike"s Hot Honey. After a few bites, Lauren said it was one of the best pizzas she had ever had. I felt the same way.

So recently I was looking khổng lồ mix it up with our pizzas as I go through a steady rotation and Lauren suggested we try to lớn make our own version of it.

Now I did change a few things, including not using sambuca in the ricotta drizzle, but the most important ingredient stayed - Mike"s Hot Honey. It just gives a great combination of sweet and spicy that puts the pizza over the top.

And yes you should be able khổng lồ find it at your local grocery store or even a Walmart. So if you are wanting lớn change up a pepperoni pizza, I"d give this salami pizza a try.

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Recipe Ingredients

Pizza dough - store-bought or homemade works.Pizza sauce - I suggest making your own, but store-bought works.Mozzarella và Parmesan cheese - you get both creaminess and saltiness.

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Finocchiona salami - characterized by the use of fennel.Ricotta cheese & heavy cream - mixed together to make

Step-by-Step Instructions

Shape pizza dough and evenly spread pizza sauce, leaving 1 inch from edge for crust. I lượt thích to go light on the sauce, but if you want more you can add more.While pizza is cooking, set ricotta cheese và heavy cream khổng lồ make the ricotta thinner so it can be drizzled over top. You can also use milk or water khổng lồ thin out the ricotta.

Homemade Pizza Sauce

As I mentioned above, you don"t have to make your own pizza sauce but believe me it couldn"t be easier and is better than what you"d buy in the store.

If you want the recipe, just go lớn my homemade pizza sauce post. You mix all the ingredients in a bowl and use when ready. No cooking required! I just have some frozen lớn use when I want. But if you are in a pinch, store-bought pizza sauce will work just fine.

How to Make Your Own Hot Honey

If you can"t find Mike"s Hot Honey, it is possible lớn make your own. You"ll want 2-4 hot chilis (Fresno, Holland or Thai) and thinly slice them as well as 1 cup of honey. Bring the chilis & honey to lớn a bare simmer in a small saucepan over medium-low heat.

Reduce the heat khổng lồ low and let cook 1 hour to lớn infuse the chili flavor. Taste honey và adjust heat with another chili or 2, remove from the stove, and let sit 30 minutes. Transfer khổng lồ a small jar, straining if desired. Cover & chill. Use when ready.

What are Keys khổng lồ No-Knead Pizza Dough?

Honestly not much. Make sure you use lukewarm water for the yeast and then after you mix, just give it time lớn rise overnight. Probably the most important thing would be in a warm area, preferably around 72°F. After the dough has risen overnight transfer to lớn a floured surface & shape in a ball, then let rise for a couple more hours.

Obviously with a no-knead dough you have to lớn plan on making the pizza the following day. So if you’re lượt thích us and have Pizza Friday’s, you just make the dough Thursday night. However if you want to lớn buy dough, most grocery stores carry it these days, butTrader Joe’shas the best!

Tips for Great Homemade Pizza

Spread Sauce Evenly: You will read a variety of opinions on sauce, but I"m a firm believer in lightly spreading the pizza sauce evenly. A sauce should compliment the pizza, but not be the star.

Other Pizza Recipes

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