New seasons bavarian banana cake

“Fluffy, moist southern banana cake made from scratch and full of fresh banana flavor.

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Topped with cream cheese frosting và sprinkled with pecans!”
Watch me make this Southern Banana Cake from start to finish!

As I was shopping in Target I overheard a woman say she was going khổng lồ attempt to make her great aunt’s Southern pound cake for Christmas. The little girl with her asked, “What makes a cake southern?”

The lady thought for a while, seemingly stumped & then replied “Well…if it’s full of fresh butter, lots of sugar, blessed with buttermilk , made with love & shared with others I suppose”


I smiled lớn myself. Love that description! Sometimes it’s not easy to always explain why something is “Southern”. Sometimes it’s just a feeling. Kinda lượt thích this banana cake recipe. I grew up eating fresh banana cake. My grandmother whipped up this cake as soon as the bananas turned black và no sooner. I remember wishing those things would hurry the heck up!

When we visit my grandma’s side of the family in Elberton, GA, I can always count on a from-scratch, Southern banana cake being on the after church service dessert table.

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Those southern church lady’s sure know how khổng lồ cook!


This recipe isn’t my grandmother’s banana cake recipe. It comes from the demo Kitchen of Taste of Home. I made it over 10 years ago for Thanksgiving và now I have everyone in my family making it.

Banana is one of my favorite flavors! Speaking of which, have you tried these banana oatmeal cookies??? This recipe gets overlooked so much on my site but they are so good! like a banana bread in cookie form! Try them out!


Anyway, back khổng lồ this banana cake. It’s a winner! So light, fluffy và moist. Be sure to use over ripped bananas! No artificial banana extracts are needed when you bởi so. When I first made this Southern banana cake I was a bit nervous that it would taste lượt thích a frosted banana bread. I wanted tons of banana flavor và a moist yet fluffy crumb. This cake gives me just that!

As with most banana flavored baked goods, the flavor just gets better the next day!! I usually make this cake the day before I want to take it somewhere so that it has a chance to lớn sit và that banana flavor just maximizes!

Frosting this cake with homemade cream cheese frosting is a must!! I used this Real Cream Cheese Frosting. That tangy, cream cheese frosting goes so great with the banana flavor!