Vietnamese Fried Rice (Com Chien)

Vietnamese Beef Fried Rice with Pickled Mustard Greens (Cơm Rang Dưa Bò) is a favorite of the locals in Hanoi. It is tasty & flavorful while still quick and easy khổng lồ make with very simple ingredients.

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This beef fried rice is well-loved by those who have lived and worked in Hanoi. It is so easy for students & office workers to lớn find a place that sells cơm rang dưa bò in the capital city during their short lunch break.

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The dish features soft-chewy fried rice, flavorful, tender beef slices và crunchy, slightly sour pickled mustard greens.

I have also come across this dish in Saigon a few times though it is not as popular as in the North. The taste is slightly different, mostly due to lớn the way they serve it. In Hanoi, the fried rice will be tossed together with the beef & pickled mustard greens before it is served. On the contrary, in Saigon, they plate the beef & mustard greens mixture either on the side or on top of the rice instead.


Here are the main ingredients for Vietnamese beef fried rice with pickled mustard greens: