Crab noodle soup from hai phong

Homemade fish cake is a dish with a chất lượng taste. This is also a way lớn change the taste of people to lớn help people eat better, absorb good nutrients and be healthy. Here is how to lớn make fish cakes at trang chủ that is hygienic, delicious and attractive for everyone.

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2kg fresh fish 100gr green onions 100gr purple onions 4 garlic bulbs 100gr dill 75gr tapioca starch Notes when making fish cakes at home: When making fish cakes at home, you should buy fresh fish meat or processed fish available to save time. Use a variety of fish to lớn make fish cakes, but not all types of fish can be used to lớn make fish cakes. Some common types of fish are used to lớn make fish cakes such as mackerel, tilapia, basa fish, termite fish, trout, scad, ... Because of their thick, firm, delicious meat. Fish with soft meat cannot make fish cakes because they vày not have the same stickiness as scad. How lớn choose to lớn buy fresh, delicious fish: You should pay attention lớn choose khổng lồ buy live, fresh, healthy swimming fish. If the fish is dead, you should choose fish with clear eyes, fish scales sticking to the body, bright colors, shiny fish body, và red snapper gills. If possible, you should put the fish in the water, if the fish sinks, the fish meat has good elasticity, you should choose khổng lồ buy. Vì not choose lớn buy fish that have an unpleasant odor, are viscous or dark in color, because these are fish that may have gone rotten due khổng lồ long death.
tự có tác dụng chả cá tại nhà,
Khi tự có tác dụng chả cá trên nhà, bạn có thể mua thịt cá tươi sống hoặc cá đã chế biến sẵn để tiết kiệm thời gian

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2.1. Cleaning và scaling fish For whole fresh fish, to filter the bones you vì the following: Wash the fish with clean water, then scale the fish. Use the tip of a knife and scale the fish in the opposite direction from the tail up khổng lồ the head, then rinse with water. Cut off the fish"s gills, the fins and cut the abdomen. Continue rinsing with water khổng lồ clean the blood. Use a sharp knife to lớn cut off the head of the fish. After cutting off the head, use a knife lớn cut along the back of the fish from head khổng lồ tail và separate into small pieces. 2.2. Preliminary processing of fish meat After you have taken it into pieces, soak the fish with diluted salt water for about 10 minutes or use salt lớn gently rub the fish to lớn remove the fishy smell. Then wash the fish with clean water. Cut the fish into small pieces. Put the fish meat in a bag and put it in the freezer for about 2 hours. 2.3. Preliminary preparation of other ingredients Garlic và shallots are peeled, washed và pureed. Green onions and dill cut off the root, then wash & finely chop. Put the pan on the stove, địa chỉ cửa hàng the oil & bring to lớn a boil, fry the shallots, garlic & scallions until fragrant. 2.4. Grind fish After the fish has frozen, take it out & put it in the blender to lớn puree it. After grinding for about 5 minutes, continue to add 2 teaspoons of pepper, 1.5 tablespoons of sugar, 2 tablespoons of fish sauce và the chopped onion and garlic, continue to grind until the fish ball is smooth and flexible. 2.5. Frying / frying fish cakes After you have obtained a smooth and flexible fish cake mixture, then roll the fish cakes into flat or round balls depending on your preference. Put a lot of oil in the pan, make sure the fish ball is submerged in the oil. The oil in the pan should always be hot with a low flame. When the sausage floats on the surface of the oil, immediately remove it lớn a plate with paper towels lớn absorb the oil.
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After making your own fish cakes at home, you can put them in a food container and then freeze them in the refrigerator if you don"t use them all. Regarding the storage time, fish cakes can be kept for about 1-2 weeks. If you don"t fry fish cakes, you can use them lớn cook hot pot, soup or vermicelli dishes, all of which are very tasty. With this delicious homemade fish cake recipe, I hope you will often show off your cooking skills with the whole family. Wishing you và your family a delicious & cozy meal!

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