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Haiphong is a land where anyone who travels far will always remember, remember relatives, friends, neighbors remember, and remember the taste is not chất lượng to where.

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Hai Phong specialties to remember the first lớn mention the crab cake or multi-cake soup. This dish has not been known to have dwelt on the land of the Port of Haiphong for a long time, only know that it has become an indispensable part of this land. Wherever you are in nhị Phong, you can also find rustic & rustic dishes. Red cabbage will be boiled in boiling water & then put in a bowl of ripe vegetables, vegetables, fish balls, fried leaves, small green onions, add bricks, tomatoes and sprinkle thin onions. And. Raw materials are easy to find, but when they blend together, it makes people feel the taste of home, as bright as the dawn morning. Crab cakes can be considered as a gift of simple countryside, no matter what day of the day, just a bowl of bread, every effort seems lớn have vanished, so this specialty did not know. As well as the children of expatriates in nhì Phong.
seafood specialties

Taste of home
Spicy bread
Spicy bread is also called a very dễ thương name is bread, because their shape is only about two fingers form size so only called so, this is one of the specialties nhì The most popular room. Spicy bread has become the indispensable food of everyone in the morning is busy, especially the pupil. No one in hai Phong has ever eaten this very special dish, the small bread is but contains many flavors hearted people. It is the spicy taste of chili, the fatty taste of pate, blended with the crunchiness of cucumber, a harmony of the whole, can not be impeccable. Not expensive, so cheap so everyone eat a few chips feel it belly, and everyone sobs compliment delicious. And also because of the pungent flavor that makes those who have tried it hard to lớn forget.

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seafood specialties

Simple but no stretch.
Hai Phong fish noodles
Vermicelli is definitely a familiar dish of Vietnamese people in Hanoi, there are bun cha, shrimp noodles, Hue is famous for bun bo Hue, mentioning hai Phong can not mention noodles fish dishes. Nhị Phong famous. Some people say that noodles are not the same here, it is really a big mistake. Nhì Phong fish noodles with the distinct flavor of this land, are still the same ingredients, but by combining the smoothness of the materials that make the noodles with the reputation of the fish. This port land. The best choice to make this dish is to be pollinated fish, then bake the finely chopped bones from the spice to get a dish of fish aromatic heart. Water pots are both fragrant sweet và smell the character of the port as it increases the nostalgia for the children of the land to lớn remember the land of love. The noodles served with raw vegetables & banana flowers are not perfect, this is really the quality sound of this land.

The children of expatriates in nhị Phong, when the opportunity to lớn go trang chủ and enjoy these specialties, they may remind us of the memories of the old days that we may have abandoned. Forget somewhere in the corner of your memory room. The port of Haiphong drags people by the taste, by the simple, rustic but full of emotions. When returning home, remember to lớn buy some gifts for family, friends or relatives, if you vì chưng not know what to choose, then choose herbal tea. Contains ingredients from natural ingredients such as lingam, marjoram, ... Very good for everyone"s health. It also has the ability to lớn reduce aging, reduce stress, which is good for our family.