Nem nuong nha trang sauce recipe


Your trip toNha Trangwouldn’t be complete if you don’t try this kind of noodle soup. Not many people are fan of jellyfish but this is one of specialities in Nha Trang và fresh tuna or marin is also served with the jellyfish.Although bun phụ vương ca sua is processed simply, it has brought the natural flavor from the sea lớn the customers.

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In Nha Trang, there are two main kinds of edible jellyfish. One of them is the foot jellyfish. This kind has milky white màu sắc and feelers in thread shape. Foot jellyfish is very good for health since it can reduce the body toàn thân heat; cure some diseases such as cough and lung inflammation.With some good elements as protein, calcium, ferromagnetic substances, iota, foot jellyfish is also a great choice for those who go on diet and those whose have problem with cardiovascular.

Moreover, people usually use foot jellyfish to lớn cook with vermicelli.When the jellyfishes have just been caught & cleaned carefully, they would turn into green & purple color, which is very beautiful.After that, people would soak them into alum water so that the jellyfishes would shrink and clean them again with water.Next, the jellyfishes will be cut into small slices & then parboiled.The process of making the rice vermicelli with jellyfish also represents for the cuisine culture of the Central region.


The bouillon for the dish is cooked completely from fishes with a limited amount of spices. Other kinds of addictive are also got from the sea.

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This dish always tastes best when it is hot. Parboil the rice vermicelli và put it into the bowl, then put some slices of jellyfish & some grilled chopped fish on. Then, pour the bouillon over.The combination of the crunchy jellyfish with the natural sweet of the bouillon makes the dish so tasty.


Jellyfish, the main ingredient of the dish, would definitely bring a new experience for customers’ taste.These opalescent, elongated jellyfish eat crunchy and enjoy with rice vermicelli, fried fish, fresh broth bring sweet and savory taste. When experiencing this dish, raw vegetables, chili & lemon are the indispensable ingredients.A bowl of Nha Trang’s “bun phụ vương ca” also contained jellyfish and steamed sailfish.This fresh dish is especially suitable for those who on diet.

The season of jellyfish is the time between the kết thúc of spring và the beginning of summer. However, it is quite easy khổng lồ find a delicious bowl of rice vermicelli & jellyfish at any time in Nha Trang.