How To Make Fresh Vietnamese Pork Spring Rolls With Yakiniku 焼肉の生春巻き

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Juicy Japanese BBQ meat with crunchy vegetables, wrapped in rice paper lớn seal in the deliciousness, these fresh spring rolls with Yakiniku make the best summer dish! Serve the spring rolls as the main dish on a warm summer night or as an appetizer for your next potluck or trang chủ party.


What vì you like to prepare on a hot summer day when you want to lớn avoid standing in the kitchen for a long time?

When I want lớn stay away from the stove, these Fresh Spring Rolls with Yakiniku (焼肉の生春巻き) are one of my favorite foods to lớn make. I usually assign the hardest part of the work to lớn our family head grill chef (thank you Mr. JOC!), và you too can bởi vì the same. Sounds good so far, right? All you need to do is wash the vegetables and cut them into julienned strips. Once the meat is done grilling, you just need khổng lồ wrap up everything into light, colorful rolls.

Oh, did I mention you should dip these spring rolls in a homemade Japanese BBQ sauce too? Incredibly refreshing and packed with flavors, everyone who tries these will be in love!

Watch How khổng lồ Make Fresh Spring Rolls with Yakiniku

Juicy Japanese BBQ meat with crunchy vegetables, wrapped in rice paper lớn seal in the deliciousness, these fresh spring rolls with Yakiniku make the best summer dish!

Gluten-Free Japanese BBQ Sauce

Yakiniku sauce (or Japanese BBQ Sauce) is sweet, savory & intensely flavorful, which makes it the best companion to lớn grilled meats, thinly sliced short ribs, và many other grilled foods. Although there are several brands of Japanese BBQ sauce available in the Japanese grocery stores, they often come with a few sneaky ingredients on the labels that you may not want lớn eat.

Luckily, homemade Yakiniku Sauce is easy enough khổng lồ make with the condiments you have in the kitchen. Make a large batch in advance and you’d be happy khổng lồ use the leftover for the rest of the week.

To make it gluten-free, all you need is to lớn swap the regular soy sauce with Gluten-Free Soy Sauces.


To make Fresh Spring Rolls with Yakiniku, I used Kikkoman’s Gluten-Free Tamari Soy Sauce. If you vày not have to make this recipe gluten-free, feel không tính tiền to use regular soy sauce. The flavor is pretty much the same, so there is no need khổng lồ adjust the amount.


3 Tips to Make Fresh Spring Rolls with Yakiniku

1. Buy “Three Ladies Brand” rice paper

Some of you have asked for my recommendation for a rice paper brand. I’ve tried a few & my favorite choice goes to lớn “Three Ladies Brand”. The rice papers are easy khổng lồ work with, và I find it easy lớn detach the spring rolls without tearing the rice papers when they stick lớn each other.

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2. Start with less filling và “tuck tightly and roll”

If you’ve never worked with rice papers for spring rolls before, it’s a bit lượt thích making pancakes: you just need a few practice runs to get better at it. To start off, bởi not over pile the filling. It’s easier khổng lồ work with less than more. Once you vì a few rolls, you will get better at judging the right amount of filling. When you’re ready lớn roll the wrappers, make sure your first fold over is tight enough to cover the ingredients. Then fold the side edges towards the middle khổng lồ secure a nice package. Then give it another tight roll to finish off.

3. Adjust the amount of sugar

For those who are careful with their sugar intake, the amount of sugar (3 Tbsp sugar) that goes into the sauce might raise your eyebrow. Please feel free to adjust the amount, but remember that you need to lớn counter the salty flavor from soy sauce with a sweetener. You can swap the sugar with honey or maple syrup if you like, but the final taste will be different from my recipe.

If you prefer the original taste of Japanese Yakiniku Sauce, follow this recipe, but don’t go crazy with the sauce. The sauce is there to enhance the flavor of fresh ingredients you’re eating.


Various Filling Choices

For this recipe, I included lettuce, cucumber, and carrot – simple enough ingredients khổng lồ assemble for a weeknight dinner. Below are some suggestions for the filling, but feel free to customize & work with whatever you fancy:

Protein Choices

Thinly sliced beef (short ribs, ribeye, và chuck)Thinly sliced pork (pork belly và pork loin)Strips of chicken breast và thighsShrimp/prawnStrips of firm tofuBoiled eggs, sliced or wedges

Vegetable Choices

Any kind of leafy lettuceCarrotCucumberGreen onionGarlic chivesRadishes such as daikon or red radishJicamaAvocadoMangoSugar snap peasRed bell peppersBean sproutsHerbs (mint, basil, cilantro)Grilled eggplantsGrilled zucchini


Make These Fresh Spring Rolls Vegetarian and Vegan

This recipe can make a wholesome meatless meal, perfect for those who are vegetarian and vegan. Swap the meat with grilled tofu & vegetables such as zucchini, eggplants, & bell peppers. You can also grill up an assortment of mushrooms in replace of the meat. They will work very well with homemade Yakiniku Sauce.

Bright & flavorful, I promise these fresh spring rolls will be a regular occurrence in your summer meal.


Japanese Ingredient Substitution: If you want lớn look for substitutes for Japanese condiments and ingredients, click here.

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