Martha Liao'S Spring Rolls

“I"m shocked at how few review this place has. I was craving fried rice & stumbled across this lowkey place. Portion/quality to price ratio is spot on and their spicy màn chơi is…” more

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“First of all I"d lượt thích to say I enjoyed our waiters service. Really polite guy. We went in for a brunch và I wasn"t expecting the restaurant to be empty but I"m glad it was. Haha I…” more


“I"ve been coming back! Their fresh spring rolls in particular were a great find, because they actually cook và flavor the filling. Yum! =)” more


“private. The sauce for their fresh spring rolls is done really well. Pho is clean & simple, not” more


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“This place is delicious! Pad see ew is my go to lớn Thai dish & Sisi Kay bầu Eatery is my favorite place in Seattle for this dish! Super flavorful & they give…” more

“Local favorite and a must-have. The prices are not just reasonable, they bring me back to lớn a time when Seattle was an affordable city. $10 for a big plate of…” more

“noodles và spring rolls, wrapped freshly when ordered, not sitting around for the whole day. They even” more

“You have lớn try the fresh spring rolls! Yummy crunchy bit in the center & best peanut dipping” more

“My vegetarian pho was about 100x better than the fresh spring rolls. I"m very particular about my” more

“not going back. I have no idea why people are raving about it. I had fresh spring roll, Pad Thai, Panang curry. Meh, I can cook much better than this.” more

“the same heat màn chơi for all entrees but they didn"t have consistent spice levels. The fresh spring rolls” more

“This is an amazing spot for snacks, food, and milk tea!! Their mochinuts are all great and their flavors are delicious. My favorites are the churro caramel và guava. Their sesame…” more

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"I was so excited to see Noi Thai mở cửa up in our neighborhood! It"s a very authentic thai restaurant on the finer dining end of the spectrum. Generous portions and well seasoned food. We had the fresh spring rolls, crispy chicken, và stir fried eggplant with pork. The crispy chicken was an indulgent treat - the rest was super fresh & flavorful. Lunch is more economical than dinner. PRO TIP: 2 hour free parking for the building."