Easy spring rolls (air fried) recipe


Cooking these Frozen Spring Rolls in an Air Fryer is quite possibly the easiest ever appetizer to lớn make for your Chinese food nights! Not to lớn mention, they also turn out delightfully crispy và absolutely cooked lớn perfection in no time at all!

Air fryer frozen spring rolls are a family favorite appetizer with all of our Chinese food dinners!

Delicious & Crispy Air Fryer Spring Rolls from Frozen

When it comes to lớn finger foods, appetizers, and snacks, spring rolls are always a hit! Making frozen spring rolls in an air fryer results in fantastically crispy and especially tasty spring rolls that come out perfectly every time! I’m craving them right now!

It takes less than 15 minutes from freezer lớn plate, so when you are hungry, your tummy won’t have lớn wait long for these air fryer spring rolls.

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My whole family loves spring rolls! This is why they"re usually nearby as the air fryer warms up and the smell of the spring rolls cooking starts wafting through the air!

It doesn"t matter if we"re noshing on them while watching the trò chơi or as a starter for a tasty Chinese food meal. I also make them for parties as cocktail appetizers along with other easy-to-eat goodies.

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That said, get ready for one of the simplest recipes I’ve posted.

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Great taste does not have to be complicated, so when you are in a hurry, your air fryer is your trusted kitchen companion.

Take a minute to lớn simply adore how awesome your air fryer is too! You will realize how versatile they are và how well they cook all sorts of food without having to địa chỉ oil. Nothing is ever greasy, và it keeps the calorie count down! Winning!

What You"ll Need

This is a “one và done” recipe. All you need - other than an air fryer - is the frozen spring rolls! 2 per person is usually a good amount, but if you want more, just get extras.

You can also pick up or make a dipping sauce. I enjoy spring rolls with duck sauce, my homemade sweet và sour sauce, bầu sweet chili sauce, or hot Chinese mustard. They also taste great just simply dipped in soy sauce!

*And if you didn"t get a packet of some kind of sauce in your box of spring rolls, it"s time to write a letter of complaint!