Best Grilled Shrimp Satay Recipe

With a flavorful marinade of teriyaki, lime zest và juice, garlic, ginger, & cilantro, these grilled shrimp skewers are delicious on their own. địa chỉ a creamy peanut dipping sauce, và it takes them over the edge!. Shrimp skewers with peanut sauce make a great appetizer, or a perfect main course when paired with rice & a vegetable. This is a vibrant, fresh & flavorful spin on grilled shrimp.

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All about shrimp skewers with peanut sauce

This recipe is packed with flavor. It starts off with a simple marinade to flavor the shrimp. Then, the shrimp are skewered with red onion chunks và grilled, which is super simple and takes only a couple of minutes total. While the shrimp cook, the peanut sauce can be made. All in all, this makes such an easy weeknight dinner, even though it looks really interesting & impressive.

I love peanut sauce, mostly because I love anything involving nut butter! But a traditional peanut sauce can be really high in fat & calories (even though they are packed with good fats). Khổng lồ lighten this peanut sauce up, I use powdered peanut butter, which I mix with other flavorful components lượt thích teriyaki, rice wine vinegar, & lime juice. The added ingredients really bump the flavor of this sauce up, & it’s nearly impossible to tell that powdered peanut butter is used here.

If you are new to lớn powdered peanut butter, I will be blunt: it does not taste lượt thích the real thing. Powdered peanut butter is a great ingredient for baking or for adding peanut flavor khổng lồ dishes, though, which is how I use it most often. Any powdered peanut butter will work here, & you can find it in the supermarket next khổng lồ the regular peanut butter.


What will I need khổng lồ make this recipe?

Here is a general list of ingredients used in this recipe. Some of the ingredients repeat between the marinade và the dipping sauce, so that makes things a bit easier.

shrimplime zest & juicegingergarlicred onionrice wine vinegarscallionscilantro


How to lớn make shrimp skewers with peanut sauce

All about the shrimp

The first step for this recipe is to lớn get your shrimp cleaned & deveined (and defrosted, if they are frozen). Make sure you are using raw shrimp for this recipe. Either fresh or frozen will work perfectly here.

If you are buying frozen shrimp, you most likely will have to peel và devein the shrimp. It can be a bit tedious, but it’s very easy to lớn do, I promise. Otherwise, if you are buying fresh shrimp, you can ask the fishmonger lớn clean the shrimp for you.

This recipe calls for 1 lb of shrimp, & the size of the shrimp really doesn’t matter. I happened to use a smaller variety because it’s what I had in my freezer at the time, & it was about 36 shrimp total, for six skewers with six shrimp per skewer. If you use a larger variety, each skewer might have 4-5 shrimp. But it really doesn’t matter.

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For this recipe và many others, I often choose to lớn leave the tails on the shrimp for presentation purposes, but you can remove them khổng lồ make eating this dish easier. It’s all about preference here.


Making the marinade

To make the marinade for the shrimp, peel & mince the ginger, và mince the garlic. Add the ginger & garlic lớn a small bowl, và then địa chỉ cửa hàng in the teriyaki sauce, zest of one lime plus the lime juice, the garlic chili sauce, & the chopped fresh cilantro. Whisk everything together, và then pour the marinade over the raw shrimp. Toss them to lớn coat.

If you are making this dish right away, the shrimp doesn’t have lớn marinate very long. But you can also let this marinade sit with the shrimp in the fridge for a half hour or so for the flavors to combine.





Grilling the shrimp

To grill the shrimp, I used an indoor grill pan (it was raining!). I love using an indoor stove vị trí cao nhất grill pan to make grilling quick & easy, especially for small batches that all fit in the pan at one time. This is the grill pan I use when I grill on my stove top.

If you are grilling indoors, you do not need to soak the wooden skewers. I have learned that they don’t burn and char the way they bởi on a live flame on the outdoor grill. If you are using the outdoor grill, I recommend soaking your wooden skewers for a half hour before hand. This helps prevent the skewers from burning.

To make the skewers, chop the red onion and showroom one chunk of red onion to the base each skewer, followed by the shrimp. Make sure the skewer punctures the shrimp on the top và bottom, so that it is secure on the skewer and doesn’t flip around while cooking. The number of shrimp per skewer will vary depending on the size shrimp you are using; make sure to count your total shrimp lớn ensure each skewer has a relatively equal number of shrimp.

Once the shrimp is skewered on, finish the skewer with another chunk of red onion. Spray the grill pan with non-stick spray, & cook the shrimp for a few minutes on either side or until the shrimp is opaque và firm.