Vietnamese grilled pork and rice vermicelli noodle bowl


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Bún thịt nướng or Vietnamese grilled pork vermicelli is a refreshing rice noodle dish perfect for the hot weather! The vermicelli is topped with a sweet & savory lemongrass grilled pork, fresh vegetables, herbs, Vietnamese egg rolls if you want, và dressed with Vietnamese dipping sauce (nước chấm).

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What is your favorite Vietnamese dish?

One of our favorite is of course a good classic pho, but bún giết nướng (aka Vietnamese grilled pork vermicelli) always have a special place in my heart.

The lemongrass grilled pork is so juicy and flavorful! It"s got the perfect balance between sweet và savory with a cảm ứng of lemony citrus. Then, phối this grilled work with cool rice noodles, fresh vegetables, và some mixed fish sauce...mmmm. It"s just out of this world!

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What is bún thịt nướng?

Bún giết mổ nướng or Vietnamese grilled pork vermicelli is one of the most popular dishes offered at Vietnamese restaurants. Its highlights are the super flavorful marinated lemongrass grilled pork, vermicelli, và the prepared fish sauce that gives the whole dish some sweet, tang, & sometimes heat.

Depending on where you"ve had bún giết mổ nướng, you"ll also see the variations in the veggie và garnish options. Most commonly, you"ll see the vermicelli assembled with lettuce, herbs lượt thích mint and/or basil, đồ chua (Vietnamese pickled carrots & daikon), crushed peanuts, và scallion oil.



Please scroll down to the recipe card for the ingredient quantities!

For the marinated pork:

Pork shoulder - We highly recommend using pork shoulder as it has a good ratio of fat lớn meat. It"s also pretty cheap. So, win-win!Shallot & garlic - Both are classic marinade combos and adds so much flavor khổng lồ the pork marinade.Lemongrass - This adds a bit of citrusy, lemony flavor to the marinade, which is a very nice, subtle depth of flavor. You can use either fresh or frozen lemongrass.Oil - You"ve got to địa chỉ oil to meat that you want khổng lồ grill, baking, or cook in general. It"ll prevent sticking and lock in the juices lớn keep the meat moist. Any neutral oil will do.

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Black pepper - Just to add some mild kick.

For the vermicelli bowl:

Chả giò - Also known as Vietnamese egg rolls. We lượt thích to make a large batch và freeze for later. They"re such a treat in vermicelli bowls!Vegetables & herbs - Green leaf lettuce, sliced cucumbers, perilla leaves, và mint are our favorites. You could also use your preferred lettuce, basil, cilantro, & mung bean sprouts.Crushed peanuts (optional garnish)Scallion oil (optional garnish) - A very popular garnish in Vietnamese cuisine that also doubles as a flavored oil. It adds a nice, subtle green onion flavor lớn your dishes.

How to make this Vietnamese grilled pork vermicelli bowl

Prepare & marinade the pork:

1. In a large mixing bowl, combine the shallot, garlic, sugar, fish sauce, soy sauce, oil, và black pepper. Mix well.

2. Add the sliced pork. Using your hand or gloved hand, phối until the pork is evenly coated with the marinate. Let it marinate for at least 30 minutes or best overnight.

3. 30 minutes before cooking, soak six skewers (at least 8 inches long) in warm water and preheat the oven khổng lồ 375°F with a rack positioned second from the đứng top heating element. Also, prepare a sheet pan lined with aluminum foil.