Vietnamese Egg Roll (Chả Giò)

Cha gio (egg rolls) are a perfect finger food for a party. They"re also a great appetizer lớn serve with beer. In a few steps, you"ll be able khổng lồ make the most crispy cha gio. You can make plenty ahead of time, và store in your freezer.Cha gio doesn"t have cabbage in the filling, but it has plenty of pork and veggies. You can substitute potato for the taro corm, và bean sprout can be used instead of jicama.

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♥ Ingredients:(make 33 egg rolls)1 lb ground pork½ onion, finely chopped1 cup (170 g) jicama, peeled & julienned1 cup (170 g) taro corm, peeled và julienned1 carrot, peeled và julienned1 bunch green onions, chopped 1 oz (28 g) dried mung bean thread noodles, soaked & cut into 1 inch pieces 0.3 oz (8 g) dried wood ear mushrooms, soaked và chopped1 egg1 tsp salt½ tsp ground đen pepperRice paper or wheat egg roll wrappers1 tbsp all purpose flourOil for frying♥ Instructions: Watch đoạn phim how lớn make Vietnamese egg rolls on Youtube

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1) Squeeze the chopped onion và julienned jicama lớn remove excess moisture. This is important step to help the filling less moisture so the oil doesn"t splatter violently when frying. Less presence of moisture in the filling also helps the egg rolls staycrispylonger.2) In a bowl, combine ground pork, onion, jicama,taro,carrot, green onion, dried mung bean noodles, mushrooms, egg, salt and ground black pepper. Phối well.3) to seal the egg rolls: mix1 tbsp all purpose flour with 2 tbsp water.4) Transfer the egg rolls filling onto a flat surface, lightly pat into ba phần tư inch thick x 6 inch wide rectangle. Then cut into 3 inch long x ba phần tư inch wide portions.5) Working with 1 egg roll wrapper at a time, place the wrapper with one corner of the diamond closest to lớn you. Fold the corner up, place 1 portion of the filling on the folding. Roll & fold in the sides of the wrapper, continue rolling the egg roll up. Brush the đứng đầu corner with flour mixture, và continue rolling up until it is closed. Mix aside, cover to lớn prevent from getting dry. Continue with the remaining ingredients.6) In a skillet mix over medium, heat the oil. Insert a bamboo chopstick khổng lồ the oil to kiểm tra the heat, the oil is ready when bubbles sizzles around the bamboo chopstick. Place the egg rolls in single layer, deep fry for about 4 minutes, flip over in between. Take them out, stand the egg rolls up to help them drain better. Cover with foil to lớn preserve the heat và let the egg rolls continue cookinginternally. Fry more batches until done.7) to serve right away,continuewith the second round of frying. Fry for about 2 more minutes. Serve when cool enough lớn eat. Wrap with lettuce và dip in Vietnamese dipping sauce or eat as is. Watch my clip how to lớn make Vietnamese dipping sauce here.To store for later: let the egg rolls cool completely after the first round of frying, then transfer into a ziplock bag, & place in the freezer. No need to lớn thaw before frying.

♥ Here are a few of the tools I used in the video:Victorinox 8-Inch Chef"s KnifeVictorinox Paring KnifeThe Zuudlemaker - Julienne Vegetable SlicerOXO Good Grips Salad SpinnerKitchenAid Shears with Soft GripKitchenAid Classic Y PeelerAnchor Hocking Oven Bake and Food preparation SetLodge Pre-Seasoned Skillet