Ultimate Veggie Spring Rolls Recipe


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Vietnamese egg roll, or chả giò, is made with a mixture of ground pork, shrimps, bean thread noodles, wood ear mushrooms, taro, carrots, và onion wrapped with spring roll wrappers. It"s deep fried until golden & crispy và often enjoyed with Nước chấm (Vietnamese dipping sauce).

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Chả giò is one of my absolute favorite Vietnamese appetizers! They"re Vietnamese egg rolls, sometimes known as Vietnamese fried spring rolls, và they are just delicious!

They are golden brown a crispy on the outside & the filling is just so flavorful, I can honestly just eat them on their own! But you"ve got khổng lồ try wrapping them in a lettuce leaf with some Vietnamese pickled carrots và radish. The crispy fried egg roll with some refreshing crunch from the lettuce & pickles is amazing!

If you prefer a some Vietnamese fresh spring rolls, try our tofu spring roll recipe. It"s refreshing & easy to make. Perfect for the summer!

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For the filling:

Ground pork - The main protein of Vietnamese egg rolls. We recommend ground pork with about đôi mươi to 30 percent fat. This will make your egg rolls more flavorful và more fragrant.Shrimps - Shrimp helps to lớn supplement the flavor & texture of the egg roll filling. You can use shrimps that are already deveined và peeled for convenience. If you prefer to not use shrimp, you can substitute with more ground pork instead.
Carrot - Mostly for adding màu sắc and sweetness to the egg roll filling. Taro - A classic ingredient used lớn make Vietnamese egg rolls. You can find it at most Asian markets either vacuum packed or with skin on. If you can"t find taro, jicama is a good substitute. Just make sure to lớn squeeze out some excess moisture from the jicama.Yellow onion - Onion gives the egg roll filing so much flavor & makes it extra aromatic. You can also use shallots instead of onion.Garlic - lớn give the filling more flavor. Fresh garlic is highly recommended.

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Egg - to bind the fillings together.Salt & sugar - Just a little salt và sugar khổng lồ make sure the filling is not bland.Black pepper - to lớn give the filling a slight peppery kick.

For the rest of the egg rolls:

Spring roll pastry/ egg roll wrappers - We like to use TYJ spring roll pastry for Vietnamese egg roll. It"s much crispier & keeps the egg roll crispy longer than rice paper. We recommend the wrapper that is about 8 by 8 inches. They usually come in a pack of 25 or 50.Oil (for frying)

How lớn make chả giò

Make the filling:

1. Rehydrate the cellophane noodles & dry wood ear mushrooms by soaking each in a heatproof bowl with hot water for about 10 minutes. Make sure they are completely submerged.