Easy vegan green bean curry

Learn how to make a vegan & gluten không tính phí version of green bean casserole. This recipe consists of cooked green beans, sauteed mushrooms cooked in a creamy sauce topped with homemade French fried onions. A delicious casserole that is perfect for the holiday season.

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Thanksgiving just wouldn"t be complete without that green bean casserole. This is a timeless dish that is a signature for most households during the holiday season.

I know just how important this side dish is to my vegan và gluten free readers, so much so that I made my own rendition that caters khổng lồ most dietary requirements.

What is a green bean casserole?

In short this is an American side dish that is served during the holiday season. The dish was created by Dorcas Reilly và her team in the Campbells home economic department.

The casserole consists of three main components - green beans, cream of mushroom soup & French fried onions.

It was created at a time where processed foods were heavily utilized hence the reason why Campbell"s cream of mushroom soup was a key feature.

Although many people still adhere to this method, there is a more modified version where sliced mushrooms are pan seared (brown) và a creamy bechamel sauce is used in place of cream of mushroom soup.

Some people add cheese be it cream cheese or shredded cheese khổng lồ yield more creaminess và then the infamous French fried onions are added as a topping.


Speaking of toppings, the good news is that I have already posted my the gluten miễn phí version of French fried onions, so all aspects of the recipe are covered!

Also, I"ve swapped the Campbell"s cream of mushroom soup for something that is much more vegan friendly. It"s cross between a rich sauce and soup!

It"s just the right consistency, not too thick and not too thin, which is what you need to make an awesome green bean casserole.

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The steps

(move onto the next step, if you don"t have a steamer) I steamed my green beans using my steamer basket, phối it up in hot water & sprinkled the pink salt over the beans và steamed for several minutes, removed the beans, rinse them under cold water, set aside khổng lồ cool.If you boiling the green beans, then bring a large pot of water to lớn the boil.Stir in the pink salt then showroom the green beans.Reduce the heat lớn medium then cook the beans until they are fork tender và the colour starts to lớn darken (this will take a few minutes) then drain, cool and set aside.

showroom the olive oil to a non stick saucepan, on medium heat. Proceed to lớn saute the mushrooms with the garlic until they are slightly brown. During this time they may extract their own juices. Continue khổng lồ cook the mushroom until any excess liquid eventually evaporates. Push the mushrooms lớn one side of the saucepan, now melt the butter in the pan. Stir in the flour, keep stirring until the flour turns golden brown (don"t worry if it doesn"t turn completely smooth). Whisk in the vegetable broth so it dissolves the flour. Pour in the coconut milk và stir in the cheese until the sauce becomes smooth and starts lớn thicken. địa chỉ the thyme, soy(a) or aminos if you are using it & stir.

add the desired amount of pink salt and black pepper, bởi vì a taste thử nghiệm to adjust the seasoning levels lớn what you would want. Stir in the green beans & ⅓-½ cup"s worth of French fried onions, continuing khổng lồ stir until the beans are completely heated through. Transfer the green bean/sauce contents to lớn the baking dish, spreading out the mixture evenly. Sprinkle on the amount of French fried onions that you prefer. Bake in the oven for roughly trăng tròn minutes, cover loosely with aluminium foil for the first 15 minutes, then leave uncovered for the remaining 5 minutes.

Frequently asked questions

Can you use fat không tính tiền coconut milk instead?

To yield that creamiest from the sauce I would recommend using full fat coconut milk because fat không tính tiền coconut milk is very thin & wouldn"t result in the best structure for your sauce.

Can you make this recipe ahead of time?

I personally recommend making it on the day but I bởi understand that people maybe limited for time especially when they are making multiple holiday recipes.What I would suggest is having the green beans cooked và left in a bowl. Also vì the same with the mushroom sauce, prepare then set it side.The next day all you will need to vì chưng is toss the green beans in the sauce (it may thicken up when left to lớn cool overnight, perfectly normal!) simply re-heat, allow it to loosen up, toss in the beans, địa chỉ cửa hàng the topping & bake!

Can you use frozen green beans instead?

Yes, you can! However, it"s very important to use whole French cut beans not those thinly sliced/halved beansIf you vị decide to lớn use frozen ones, then you will want to lớn thaw them out completely and use some kitchen towel khổng lồ blot off any excess water so your casserole"s flavour won"t be diluted.

What about frozen mushrooms? Yay or Nay?

It"s a ni from me, mushrooms are a complete hot bed for absorbing water, they are lượt thích a sponge and soak it up!Water logged mushrooms will resist the browning process so some of the flavour will be loss, at a risk of ruining your recipe.Please play it safe & use fresh mushrooms!

Notes & tips

The exact dimension for the oval baking dish I used is 28x19x6cm (11x7x2 inches).The amount of French fried onions you use will be subjective, I LOVE onions so as you can see, I overloaded the casserole.Be sure to vị a taste test, especially when you have made the sauce and are adding the seasoning and adjust to lớn how you would lượt thích it.You will need to double or possibly triple the batch of onions depending on how much you intend lớn use.For best results eat/serve the casserole on the same day.You can use any type of mushroom you wish lớn make this recipe.

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