Crispy Sweet Potato Wedges


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Tender, lightly crisp chunks of air fryer sweet potato are a lovely side dish or addition to lớn a salad or other bowl meal. No air fryer? No problem! I"ve added oven directions, just for you.


Do you want to hear something sad? Dave doesn"t like sweet potato! That means it"s rarely on the menu around here.

That"s why I created this recipe for air fryer sweet potato. I can quickly make just enough for me và the kid, and Dave can figure out his own starchy side dish.

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Recipe notes

Making sweet potato in the air fryer is super easy!

The key to lớn success with this recipe is cutting your sweet potato into uniform, one-inch chunks. If your pieces are uneven in size, they will cook unevenly.

This recipe is as flexible as it is simple, và I wanted to lớn talk about some ways to mix things up.

The first option you have is khổng lồ peel or not. I like the texture that the peel brings to lớn the table, but I know that not everyone does. Feel không tính phí to peel, if you want!

You can also mix up your flavors và omit the oil in this recipe, if you want to. The sections below dive into those variations.


Flavor variations

What"s fun about making sweet potatoes in the air fryer is that you can phối up your flavors! In the photos, I"m making chili-lime sweet potatoes, but feel không tính tiền to choose your own flavor adventure.

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Try fun combinations of different oils, herbs, & spices, like:

oils lớn try: toasted sesame, coconut, truffle oil, maple syrup instead of oilfun spices: cumin, coriander, cinnamon, curry powder, regular or chipotle powder, dried rosemary, ground sage

A like to địa chỉ a little bit of acid to the phối in this recipe, because it offsets the sweetness so nicely. In the recipe card, you have the option of using lemon juice or lime juice. Which you choose really depends on what oils & spices you add.

Lemon juice has a more neutral flavor, so I"d suggest treating it as the default. Lime juice works well with spices like coriander & chili powder. If you"re not sure, just go with lemon.

Oven variation

If you don"t have an air fryer, I don"t want you khổng lồ miss out on these flavorful sweet potato cubes! I"ve added oven directions khổng lồ the recipe below.


Basically, to lớn make these in the oven, you follow the same preparation directions, but then you spread the pieces out on a baking sheet. Bake them at a slightly higher temperature for about twice as long, & you are in business.

You can choose khổng lồ flip these, if you want them browned more evenly. If you prefer a more set-it-and-forget-it situation, though, you can skip the flip. They"ll still cook through beautifully.

Oil-free option

I mentioned this above, but you can absolutely make this oil-free, if that"s your jam.

Instead of a teaspoon of oil, toss your sweet potato chunks in a tablespoon of maple syrup before air frying. Like with oil, just make sure you evenly coat the pieces, so you won"t kết thúc up with dry results.


How to lớn serve and store

Air fryer sweet potato is a lovely addition lớn salads, tacos, & bowls. Here are some ideas for you!

If you have leftovers, store them in an airtight container in the refrigerator. They will keep for three to lớn four days.

You can use these cold in a salad or warm them back up. Khổng lồ warm them, pop leftovers into the air fryer at 350° F for five lớn seven minutes. You can also warm them up in the microwave.