How to make crispy baked sweet potato fries

This recipe makes perfect Crispy Sweet Potato Fries by adding one simple step before deep frying them until they are golden & crispy.

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Have you ever tried deep frying sweet potato fries only to lớn have them come out either burnt tasting or simply soggy? That is what has happened to me every time I attempted khổng lồ fry them.I have a great Baked Sweet Potato Wedges recipe, but my husband loves homemade fries fried in oil. No the healthiest route, but oh so good. I have to lớn admit, I love them, too.

I am beyond happy that I have finally found a sweet potato fry recipe that is a forever keeper! The secret lớn the elusive crispiness? Dunking them in a cornstarch slurry. I know that might sound odd to some of you, but trust me on this one. These fries come out gorgeous and golden in all their crispy glory. You will not be disappointed!


By adding one simple step before frying, you can have crispy sweet potato fries every time! All you have to do is slice your sweet potatoes to 1/4-inch thickness. Dip the fries in a cornstarch and lemon lime soda slurry, then allow the excess to drip off. Fry the fries at 375 degrees for 8-9 minutes. See below for detailed recipe instructions.


Sweet potato fries go well with both sweet & savory seasonings. I like to use plain kosher salt, but sweet potatoes are also delicious with a chili powder và paprika phối or cinnamon sugar.


Sweet potato fries are delicious on their own, but are also super tasty with a dip! Try dipping your sweet potato fries in one of these dip choices:
ketchuphoney mustardranchpestosmoky fry dip (recipe below)


Dipping the sweet potato fries in a cornstarch slurry is what makes these fries crisp up sp well. The cornstarch on the outside crisps up while the inside cooks through. The cornstarch helps the fries to lớn be light and crispy without being greasy.

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Looking for more ways to cook your sweet potatoes? Here are some poular recipes from the archives:
If you try this recipe, I"d love khổng lồ know what you think in the comments below. Enjoy!
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Crispy Sweet Potato Fries
This recipe makes perfect Crispy Sweet Potato Fries by adding one simple step before deep frying them until they are golden & crispy.


2 lbs sweet potatoes, peeled và cut into 1/4-inch fries1 cup cornstarch3/4 cup cold lemon lime soda1 (48 ounce) bottle canola or peanut oil, for fryingkosher saltDIPPING SAUCE
(optional)2 tablespoons mayonnaise1 tablespoon ketchup1/4 teaspoon smoked paprikahot sauce, lớn taste


1. Heat the oil to 375 degrees F in a heavy-bottomed dutch oven or deep fryer.2. Whisk the cornstarch & soda in a bowl. In batches, dip the fries into the batter, then place them onto a wire rack letting any excess batter drip off. Repeat with the rest of the potatoes.3. Fry half of the potatoes in the hot oil for 8-9 minutes or until golden và crispy, stirring occasionally. Remove from the oil và place the cooked fries onto a large paper towel-lined basket or bowl. Sprinkle with kosher salt right after they come out of the hot oil. Repeat with the remaining fries. Serve immediately with optional dipping sauce.


There is no need khổng lồ soak or par-boil these like you bởi vì for some other sweet potato fry recipes as long as you don"t cut them too thick. The 1/4-inch kích thước is key. It"s super important to lớn fry these in two batches! If you try to lớn rush it và throw them all in at once, they"ll be too crowded & not get the perfect crispness that makes them so good! Try seasoning these with any combination of spices you like. I think chili powder/smoked paprika or cinnamon/sugar would be amazing.Author: Adapted from Sweet Potato Fries found on Food Network.
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