Fried calamari


This squid stir-fry is a new dish I’ve been trying to cook lately & I love it! I really lượt thích seafood, especially shrimp, but sometimes it’s difficult to lớn find very fresh shrimp in the supermarket. So I went for the next best thing – squid. The squid here is very cheap and fresh & tastes great.

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Although my first favorite squid dish is fried squid rings (frying makes everything better, right?), I decided khổng lồ try stir-frying since it’s healthier. The flavor? It surprised me. No kidding. The stir fried squid is very tender, with a slightly sweet and savory flavor and tangy fragrance of ginger & garlic. The dish is light, yet very satisfying. It goes great with a bowl of steamed rice.


So, I was shooting the clip for preparation of the squid, but I failed miserably. Although I’ve prepared squid countless times, this time I accidentally broke the digestive gland when cleaning, và the brownish muddy liquid went everywhere, and it was so SMELLY. The truth is, if you’ve never cleaned a squid before, don’t be afraid since it’s very easy. But, the cleaning process does not look very fancy in front of a camera. Instead of putting this disturbing episode of squid preparation into the clip and ruining your appetite, I suggest you read these instructions, which are very clear và helpful in explaining how to prepare a squid before cooking.

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When cooking squid, it’s OK to stir fry it immediately cleaning và cutting, but I found that the texture will be tenderer if you boil it first. Squid meat cooks through very quickly, & the texture will become rubbery và tough if overcooked. Boiling the squid first will help you to lớn make sure it’ll be cooked through và infused with flavor without needing lớn stir-fry it for very long.

The types of green vegetables that can be used in this dish are very flexible. Besides baby bok choy, you could use Chinese broccoli, broccoli or spinach. For any of those 3 vegetables, you can slightly boil them instead of sauteing them in oil. So, instead of step 4 in the recipe below, you can pour the squid & sauce onto the blanched green vegetables. It will taste just as good & contain fewer calories. I stir fried the baby bok choy in the recipe since this one is easier to cook through & it looks better this way.


I made a đoạn phim to show you the cooking process. If you’re reading this post by e-mail and don’t see the video, you can go to my channel on YouTube to watch it.