Crispy seafood spring rolls


These crispy seafood spring rolls are so delicious with piping hot filling which includes crab, scallops,, &

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Why didn’t I know this easy recipe before! Super fluffy và soft puff pastry butter Bread! No
8 piece Egg roll wrappers 5 oz. Crab sticks 8 oz. Scallop 7 oz., peeled và deveined 1 large Egg 10 oz. 2 tbsp. Cooking wine 0.25 tsp. Salt, a pinch 0.25 tsp. đen pepper, a pinch
In a cooking pot, bring enough water to lớn a boil, put in diced scallops and, then địa chỉ cửa hàng 2 tbsp/ cooking wine and a pinch of salt, gently stir a few, và bring to lớn boiling again.
Using a sieve, quickly the diced scallops & boiling water và put in a bowl of ice water. Stir và let cool down. water & squeeze khổng lồ dry.
In a bowl, diced scallops và, diced crab, a pinch of salt, a pinch of ground đen pepper, 10oz/285g, phối well, squeeze a couple of drops of juice. Set well again.

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Place the egg roll wrapper on a flat surface, địa chỉ seafood at the center(note: of the depends on the size of the wrapper), fold one corner toward the opposite corner, stop at the corner just over the, và using a rolling back action to up the fillings, roll forward for one turn. Brush egg liquid on along the edges, then fold two side corners, sure both corners are sealed well. Then roll the egg roll toward it until it sealed well.
In a cooking pan, heat enough cooking khổng lồ 250°F/120°C, deep-fry the egg rolls until golden, oil và drain.
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