Vegetable fried rice recipe

Easy 15-minute restaurant-style fried rice recipe loaded with eggs and vegetables, starts with frozen rice. So much better than take-out! Make some for dinner tonight and see for yourself!


Start with Frozen Rice

I have read many tips & tricks for making this. If memory serves me correctly & it might not, I am getting a touch older every day, they all start with cold leftover rice. I can never seem khổng lồ remember to lớn make rice the day before.

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I have used boil-in-the-bag rice before on days when I could remember lớn at least cook it early enough in a day to refrigerate it for 6 hours or so first.Those tactics seemed khổng lồ work OK, but that too required more pre-planning than I muster on some days.

How many of you actually plan out your dinner for tomorrow today? Ya, me neither unless it’s a holiday or something.

One day I spied some frozen long-grain trắng rice with vegetables in the freezer section of my mega-mart. I just knew I had khổng lồ try it. It was perfect! Now, I keep a healthy supply of frozen rice quick weeknight dinners.

You can add more vegetables or meat if you want, or buy just plain frozen rice và keep it vegetable miễn phí for picky eaters.You can also adjust the amount of soy sauce và molasses you put in lớn suit your own taste.

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Personally, I showroom any mushrooms I might have left, fresh beans sprouts, and even fresh green beans.It’s a great way lớn clear out those odd bits of produce you have hanging around.


I prefer to lớn cook my eggs first. Scramble some eggs in a bowl, showroom them into the pan lượt thích I would an omelet, allow it cook slowly to lớn avoid browning và then flipping for a minute or so, just until the eggs are set.I mix the eggs aside until they are cool enough lớn handle and then cut the eggs into small pieces to lớn be added at the end.

But if you prefer, feel không tính tiền to add your eggs last.Just push the rice khổng lồ the sides of your pan & put the eggs into the middle và cook them just lượt thích you would cook scrambled eggs.

Use a Super Hot Pan

The real secret is to have a screaming hot pan or wok before adding the rice. I do not recommend cast iron. It will stick và require more scrubbing than I care lớn put onto my cast iron skillet. I have tried it in my cast iron skillet, but clearly, mine is not as seasoned as I thought because it sticks, every single time.

An electric skillet works well too. It won’t get as hot but it’s still delicious.