Easy fried rice with chicken recipe

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What kind of rice is best used for fried rice?

When making fried rice, you want lớn ensure that the rice doesn’t become too soggy and overcooked, which is what will happen if you use freshly-cooked rice. Therefore, it is best lớn use leftover rice that has had time to chill in the refrigerator. On đứng top of this, it is best to use long-grained rice varieties such as Jasmine rice. Shorter grains lượt thích Japanese sushi rice already tend lớn be stickier. You want lớn stay away from this!

Can I địa chỉ other ingredients to my fried rice?

Absolutely! As mentioned before, fried rice is the perfect way to make full use of any leftovers you might have. When adding cooked leftovers, showroom these ingredients in last just to warm them up. Fried rice is also a brilliant way khổng lồ sneak in a couple of servings of vegetables. Crunchy veggies like bell peppers và cabbage are great options to add some texture and extra flavor to your dish; just make sure to lớn cook them slightly to retain their crunchiness.

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How can I add more flavor to my fried rice?

One way is to địa chỉ cửa hàng leftover meat or vegetables that were already cooked in a sauce. If not, you can always showroom condiments lượt thích light soy sauce or oyster sauce to showroom some umami savoriness lớn your rice. For those who lượt thích it spicy, địa chỉ cửa hàng your favorite chili sauce or oil to lớn the rice.

Why does my fried rice always turn out mushy?

The most common reason for rice to lớn turn out “mushy” is when you cook the rice before frying it, the rice is not allowed khổng lồ cook until all the cooking liquid doesn’t steam away from the pan you cook it in.



Keep this chicken fried rice recipe handy for when you can"t decide what lớn make for dinner or if you find yourself with heaps of leftovers. We know it can get a little frustrating eating the same dish for nights on end, so this is a quick and easy way khổng lồ spruce up said leftovers.

Serve some healthy and flavorful side with this roasted rutabaga seasoned with olive oil and thyme. It’s baked until tender then tossed with brown sugar.

Say no to lớn takeaway và savor this homemade fried rice! This 25-minute dish is made with brown rice tossed with carrots & peas.

Start frying up some delicious chicken fried rice for dinner tonight! This delectable bầu dish takes only 30 minutes to lớn make.

A very tasty rice bowl made with bite-sized golden fried chicken và softly cooked egg in a sweet-salty sauce makes up this hearty và filling dish!
This homemade chili made of macaroni that is baked in creamy sauce is probably the easiest, most savory family-friendly meal you"ll ever try.

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địa chỉ cửa hàng a bit of kick to lớn your usual rice meals by whipping up our chicken fried rice! This belly-filling plate is the perfect lunch meal lớn cook in a pinch.
This cauliflower fried rice has all the flavors of regular chicken fried rice without the extra carbs. It"s loaded with vegetables and rich in protein.
Munch on these bite-sized chicken teriyaki cups with a savory fried rice base loaded with tender vegetables, for an umami-rich sweet và salty meal!
To add another quick weeknight meal idea in your list, this herbed chicken is as tasty as chicken dishes can get and it only requires simple ingredients!
Put together a delightful treat with this chocolate star bread. It’s made with layers of rolled crescent dough and a rich hazelnut spread.

Ready in 35 minutes, this cauliflower rice offers a low-carb side dish, made of chicken breast và broccoli, for a savory bite with a kick.

This easy skillet recipe for amazing pesto chicken is one to lớn be cherished! A dish that can be made easily within the busy work week or hectic weekends!
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