How to make fried rice in a rice cooker

Beef fried rice is a favorite dish of many people because when you eat it, you will feel a little lumpy of pickles, add a little richness from beef mixed with the crispy aroma of each grain of rice. How khổng lồ make beef melon fried rice is very simple, with familiar ingredients và easy processing methods, you can show off your talent at trang chủ to treat your loved ones. If you also love beef melon fried rice, please refer lớn this article for how khổng lồ make it.

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Beef: 200gr Chicken eggs: 1 Washed pickles: 150gr Cold rice: 2 cups Tomatoes: 50% fruit Seasonings: Sugar, salt, seasoning, oyster sauce, soy sauce
Is beef fried rice delicious? This is a question that people who have not tasted this dish ask. The answer is beef melon fried rice is a delicious and attractive dish. To prepare this dish properly, you need to have your own secrets, you should pay attention to how the rice is fried, which is very important khổng lồ help the rice grains khổng lồ be airy, spongy, absorbent, but not dry. Preliminary ingredients: Beef: washed, cut into thin slices, then marinated with a little seasoning including 15gr seasoning seeds + 8g sugar + 8g salt + 15ml soy sauce + 15ml oyster sauce, then mix well, leave in 30 minutes to lớn infuse the beef evenly. Tomatoes: wash, dry & then cut into một nửa pieces; Pickles: washed, cut into small pieces. In order for the beef fried rice to lớn be right, you should use more cabbage than leaves because the cabbage is more crispy, when eaten, it will create an interesting and delicious feeling. Coloring fried rice with beef melon: Take 1 chicken egg, break it into a bowl and beat it well. Proceed to lớn mix the beaten eggs on the cold rice to lớn create a beautiful golden màu sắc for the fried rice as well as help the eggs stick to the rice grains more evenly.

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Stir-fry tomatoes and pickles: Put the pan on the stove, địa chỉ cửa hàng the oil, wait until the oil is hot, then showroom the garlic to saute. Then, take the chopped tomatoes and pickles, put them in the pan, stir for 2 minutes, địa chỉ a little seasoning (oyster sauce, soy sauce, seasoning powder). Put the seasoned beef into the stir-fry pan, turn on high heat & stir quickly until the beef starts khổng lồ brown as desired, then stop, take it out on a plate. Roasted (fried) delicious crispy rice: Put a little oil in a hot pan, then fry the garlic and then showroom the rice mixed with eggs khổng lồ fry. Remember to stir well so that the rice is crispy. When you notice that the rice begins to lớn dry out and become smooth, proceed to add 1 tablespoon of seasoning powder, showroom the sautéed melon & meat above, stir a few more times và then turn off the heat. The professional chefs" tips on how lớn make crispy fried rice are: After cooking, the rice should be scooped & scooped out into a bowl to lớn cool, then covered và put in the refrigerator for overnight or a few hours before processing. It will help the rice lớn be dry, when roasted, it will be easier, crispy and more delicious. Presentation và enjoyment: Ladle fried rice with beef melon on a plate, sprinkle some ground pepper on top, showroom a few stalks of cilantro, onions or flowers trimmed from tomatoes, carrots lớn make the rice more eye-catching, attractive. Và the last step is to lớn enjoy the fruits of your own cooking. Hopefully with the information that we mô tả above, you"ve got the recipe and how to make beef melon fried rice with delicious, delicious taste. Why don"t you go to lớn the kitchen khổng lồ show off your talent right away, right? Please follow the trang web ( for more information on nutrition & health care, which we will update regularly.

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