Purple sweet potato cake with marshmallow cream cheese frosting

Sweet purple potatoes are balanced off with a smattering of harissa, coriander, ginger, & garlic in these easy, baked sweet potato fritters. Tasty & nutritious, these fritters are a fun & nutritious addition to your Halloween table or your side dish rotation.

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If you are looking for a tasty and unique side dish to địa chỉ to your Halloween table or your side-dish rotation, these Baked Purple Sweet Potato Fritters are it!

Made with just a handful of nutritious ingredients, these little delicious baked purple sweet potato fritters are so easy lớn make. And, so much fun to eat – don’t you think?

These fritters are ever so slightly crispy on the outside, with a soft interior. And, they are such a delightful balance of flavors.

There’s the sweet purple potato that is balanced off with smoky harissa, warm coriander, và if you choose, spicy cayenne. Sauteed garlic, ginger, và red onion round up the flavor fiesta that biến hóa these fritters.

These fritters are a favorite in our trang chủ as they are:• Sweet, spicy, & savory,• So tasty,• Gluten-free,• Plant-based,• Easy khổng lồ make,• Did I mention, so tasty?• And, made with only 8 ingredients!


What are the ingredients needed to lớn make these Easy Baked Purple Sweet Potato Fritters?

You need the following 9 ingredients lớn make these:

Red onionGarlicGingerHarissaCorianderCayenne (optional)ParsleyAlmond flourPurple sweet potato (cooked)

I have often mistaken Purple sweet potato for ube. Lớn me, they look very similar from the outside. They are both members of the tuber family. However, they vì differ in taste. Purple sweet potatoes are a bit sweet và savory all at once – which is why they are delicious in a savory mash or in these fritters just as much as they are in this pie.

On the other hand, Ube is sweet & is said khổng lồ taste like a combination of vanilla and pistachio. Which is why it is often used in desserts. For my birthday this year, my daughter and I shared a slice of ube cake we got from a little bakery in New York. Và that slice was so filling & delicious!

But, I digress…

Back khổng lồ these fritters…

Earlier, I mentioned these fritters were easy to make. You start off by cooking your purple sweet potato. You can cook it in either of two ways: 1) boil it for 30-35 minutes or until it is tender when prodded with a fork and, 2) wrap it in foil & bake it at 400 degrees for 45 minutes or until it is tender. Vì chưng keep in mind that boiling and baking times will vary depending on the thickness/size of your potato.


After the purple sweet potato is cooked, then peel and mash it. Then it’s just a matter of sauteing some onion, ginger, & garlic together. Adding the sauteed mix lớn the peeled & mashed purple sweet potato along with spices and almond meal.

You can use a spoon or your fingers. When all the ingredients are mixed well, then gather up a scoop of the mixture & form it into the fritters you see here.

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Once the mixture is used up, you can bake the fritters or air fry them. I baked these for 30 minutes at 375 degrees Fahrenheit which resulted in these that were slightly soft on the inside và crisp on the outside. I have also made batches that I baked longer that ended up a bit more crisper. I am including these options in the recipe thẻ below.


My daughter và I enjoyed these fritters with some scrumptious pumpkin chili sauce as well as some creamed avocado.

I decided khổng lồ have a bit of fun and decorate these as the one-eyed purple people eater. I did this by adding a bit of the creamed avocado khổng lồ highlight the eyes. Then I added on a sliced black olive & topped it with a bit of the pumpkin chili sauce. I also cut up some avocado in the shape of a mouth và added some unsweetened coconut flakes for teeth – as you can see below.

If you are looking for a fun và healthy side dish that is sure lớn be a conversation starter, then vị give these a try.

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