Fried Chopped Fish Balls Recipe


Recipe Detail :’sdeliciousanywayyoufriedorgrilledit.EattogetherwithThaistylefishballsauceformoredelicious.

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3 Flavors Fish Balls
3 Flavors Fish Balls - Easy that you can serve as main dish too in a busy day. It can save your time for cooking & preparing. It’s delicious anyway you fried or grilled it. Eat together with thai style fish ball sauce for more of 3 Flavors Fish Balls 1. Fish ball, sausage, or other fried (for 1-2 persons)2. Meatball sauce một nửa cup (or sauce).3. 10-15 Basil leaves4. Fish sauce 1 Tsp.5. peanut 1 Tbsp.How to lớn Cook 3 Flavors Fish Balls 1. Fry all fish balls. Bring up and set aside.2. Set the pan. Fry sauce over medium-low heat until dry out. Add fish sauce, pour fried fish balls down and mix until well combined. Follow with basil & ground peanut. Mix well again. Decorate the dish và ready to lớn serve.

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