Southern Skillet Fried Corn S With Butter Recipes


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Here"s a perfect summer recipe, skillet fried corn. This pan-fried corn side dish is made with fresh corn cob, butter, & flavored with thyme and oregano. It"s so aromatic & the perfect side dish for any meal.

Try this skillet fried corn recipe that is so easy to lớn prepare, delicious, và fragrant. It is a tasty vegetable lớn accompany the main course or entrée. This sauteed corn can be ready in 15 minutes.

Skillet Fried Corn Ingredients:

To make this skillet fried corn, you just need 4 main ingredients, fresh corn, unsalted butter, thyme, and oregano. Then use a pinch of salt & pepper to adjust the taste according to your liking.

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Best Seasoning for Skillet Fried Corn:

What is the best seasoning for corn? Tough question! I used thyme và oregano for the corn as they work well with each other and the juicy sweet corn flavor. I"m someone who loves spicy seasoning as well và it"s obviously easy enough to lớn switch it up in a recipe lượt thích this. Modifying the pepper type is another easy way to lớn mix up the corn"s flavor or showroom some extra kick. Or you may want khổng lồ try something spicy lượt thích this: SPICY CAJUN ROASTED CORN SALAD


Fresh Corn or Frozen Corn :

Corn is very versatile & goes well with nearly everything. It"s one of my favorite summer vegetables. In this recipe, I used fresh corn because it"s a great season lớn buy fresh sweet corn.

Feel free to use frozen corn instead of fresh corn, just make sure khổng lồ thaw the frozen corn and remove the water before use.

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Or, you can place the frozen corn in a colander, và rinse under cold water until ice is no longer present. Also, if you go this route make sure to lớn remove any liquid from the corn before cooking it in the skillet.

Please keep in mind that one ear of corn cob will produce about ¾ cup of corn kernels. For this recipe, I used a total of 6 corn cobs.

How khổng lồ Preserve Leftover Fresh Corn:

To preserve fresh corn, you just need khổng lồ cut the kernels off the cobs and blanch them in boiling water for about 1-2 minutes. Drain and let it cool at room temperature. Place the kernels in tight storage & covered, then put in the fridge for up khổng lồ five days. You can also keep it in the freezer, good up khổng lồ three months. Or use the leftover corn for this recipe: SLOW COOKER CHICKEN TACO SOUP


Skillet Veggie Recipes

There"s just something about a skillet vegetable recipes that bring out their best taste. I sometimes use my skillet for vegetables in all three meals of a single day. Skillet sweet potatoes with eggs in the morning, a quick asparagus side at lunch & corn or eggplant at night. Clean-up is quick và the taste is phenomenal (without much work involved). When I hear summer skillet recipe I think of veggies without sauces, nothing heavy to lớn weight me down. I hope you enjoy this summer skillet corn recipe và that it leads khổng lồ you & your loved ones eating more delicious vegetables.