Baked purple sweet potato fries


I lượt thích nothing better than working up a sweat by hiking or snow-shoeing through the great outdoors.

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But at the end of that, when I’m spent, starved và sweaty, I long for a hot shower (with adequate water pressure) và a real bed (preferably with fine linens).

Which is probably why I confess I’ve only camped once in my life.

And I had lớn be sweet-talked into it.

That’s why I was happy to find that “The Great Outdoors Cookbook” (Oxmoor House) by the editors of Sunset magazine, of which I received a đánh giá copy, is made for die-hard campers, as well as folks like me who’d rather vì their outdoor cooking in their own backyard.


The book is divided into recipes for “Campfires,” “Home Fires,” và “Inspired Fires” (when you dig pits & such). There are even tips for foraging và doing a seafood boil on the beach.

“Halibut Kebabs with Grilled Bread and Pancetta” is as easy as it gets. Chunks of halibut are quickly marinated in olive oil và fresh rosemary before being threaded on long skewers with pancetta and bread cubes.

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Aged Mangalitsa đắm say flavored with house-made shoyu at Verbena in San Francisco.

Fans of Gather restaurant in Berkeley have even more to rejoice now with the opening of Verbena in San Francisco.

When Gather opened five years ago, it celebrated vegetables prominently by assuring that 50 percent of its thực đơn would always be devoted lớn vegetarian selections.

Verbena continues that thread of giving star treatment khổng lồ veggies, but goes even further. It’s Gather’s more ambitious young cousin.

A dramatic back-lit wall stacked with jars of house-made pickles attests khổng lồ that. Executive Chef-Partner Sean Baker has a penchant for preserving. He makes his own kimchi. And miso. Plus shoyu và even fermented đen beans.

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Pickles as wall art.


The dining room and bar.

Parking is at a premium in this neighborhood. So are seats at this bustling six-month-old restaurant, as I found out when I was invited khổng lồ dine as a guest a few weeks ago on a busy weeknight.

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The humble mushroom Swiss burger, as deconstructed by the Modernist Cuisine team. (Photo courtesy of Modernist Cuisine)

Modernist Cuisine Photo Exhibit at The Tech

Nathan Myhrvold, former chief technology officer for Microsoft turned culinary mad scientist, invites you to see food like you’ve never experienced it before.

The tác giả of the seminal “Modernist Cuisine” books, is bringing 75 eye-popping, large-format photographs of food lớn The Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose.

The exhibit opens June 25 and runs through Sept. 1. It’s the second stop on a three-year worldwide tour for this exhibit.

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Presenting the American Kobe ribeye cap.

For the past seven years, almost all of Snake River Farms’ entire supply of ribeye cap — its premier cut of American Kobe beef — has gone khổng lồ one restaurant.

The French Laundry.

That tells you just how magnificent this cut of beef must be.

Thanks to lớn an uptick in production, though, that same cut is now available khổng lồ the public, starting this week on the Idaho-based specialty meat company’s web site.

Yes, you can cook up the same exquisite cut of beef used at one of the finest restaurants in the world.