Clam satay (ashmore and cartier islands) recipe


If you’re a fan hâm mộ of fried seafood (and who isn’t?), you’re gonna want to make a batch of these fried whole belly clams. Khổng lồ make them in the traditional New England style use Ipswich clams (a.k.a. Steamers or soft-shell clams) and use the whole clam bellies, strips and cleaned neck. Frying the clams is the easy part, but I’m also sharing a much easier method on how to lớn shuck clams. Don’t forget the simpletartar sauce. Are you ready?


As you may already know, our Super Bowl tradition is lớn serve foods that are indigenous to lớn the regions of the country where the two competing teams are from. This makes the event more enjoyable for me (because I really don’t give two hoots about football) and the entire family gets into planning the menu.

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This year, it’s the LA Rams & New England (again). In the not so distant past we’ve celebrated New England with Authentic New England Clam Chowder, Clam Chowda Pizza, Warm Lemon Butter Lobster Rolls – & now I give you Fried Whole Belly Clams with Simple Tartar Sauce. These are a New England summer favorite, folks (as demonstrated by the multitude of clam shacks dotting the Northeastern coast) — và while I was leary about where to lớn find the clams, they actually had them at our local fishmonger, Pop’s Seafood.


Let’s talk about the clams. I found it very confusing when looking at fried clam recipes to lớn determine what type of clam everyone was talking about. Websites bandied about vernacular like steamers, soft shell clams, Maine clamsand Ipswich clams. Turns out they’re all pretty much the same variety of clam (the biggest difference being from where they come from).

Having come from Virginia, I thought a soft shell clam would have a “soft shell”. Not. The shells are just thinner & more brittle than traditional little neck clams và other varieties.

Clam Anatomy

There are three main components to lớn the clam.

Belly –The belly (the most tender part of the clam) is the soft, round center of the clam.Strip –Clam strips refer lớn the loose hanging piece under the belly.Neck (Siphon)The neck is actually the chewy và kinda gross part that protrudes outside of the clam.

A whole belly clam refers khổng lồ the entire clam insides (belly, strip và neck) and that’s what we’re making today.

Once you’ve obtained the clams, you want khổng lồ give them a good soak in fresh water. This allows them to naturally discharge some of the sand và grit that they may have in their siphons (neck) & loosen it from the outer shell.


Once I understood the basics, I felt more confident about my task…at least until it came time to lớn shuck the clams…

How khổng lồ Shuck Clams

So here’s the skinny on how to shuck clams… These bivalves are not interested in becoming your game-day meal, so prying them apart with your bare hands will prove a battle of wills, that, trust me, the clam will win. So, how do you get lớn the briny mollusk? I watched a multitude of You Tube videos & these two were comprehensive.

How lớn Shuck Clams Two Ways:

Not my favorite, but it works…Cut through the muscle on either side of the clam next to lớn the hinge. Once the muscle has been cut, there’s nothing holding it shut & it’s easier khổng lồ open.Run your knife around the clam to không tính tiền it from the shell.Remove the unsightly outer membrane from the neck (the dark black portion of the clam).Slit the neck vertically and kiểm tra for any grit or sand.Transfer the clams lớn a clean bowl of cool water and rinse several times to ensure no grit is evident.By far, the easiest method…Bring a pot of water to a boil.Drain the hot water & immediately plunge them into cool water. Swish with your fingers khổng lồ help dislodge sand và grit (there’s a lot of it with these guys — cause they live in the mud).Scoop the whole belly clam from the shell with your fingers.Pull on the outer layer of the neck (the nasty bits) and discard the membrane. Cut the đen tip on the neck, it’s the chewiest part of the clam. Not all people vị this, but I recommend it.Transfer the whole belly clams khổng lồ a bowl of fresh clean water and give them a swirl to dislodge the grit. Now they’re ready khổng lồ use.

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The rest is easy.

To fry whole belly clams, you’ll want a simple dredge. The classic formula is a mixture of flour and corn flour with salt & cayenne pepper (optional). I had never heard of corn “flour” before & mistakenly thought that it referred khổng lồ Masa Harina. It doesn’t. Corn flour is commonly known as “fish fry” & you can find it in the grocery store near the flour & cornmeal section…. However, if you have fine ground cornmeal in your pantry (and I always do), you can also use that. The cornmeal will add crunch to these savory, chewy Ipswich clams. The dunking batter is simply milk, buttermilk & eggs all whisked together.


Dunk your clams in the buttermilk mixture & one by one transfer them to the cornmeal blend khổng lồ dredge.

Then carefully tuck them into the hot oil. These whole belly clams cook in about 1-2 minutes. They will be golden and gorgeous on the outside with a pleasant briny bite.

Transfer the fried clams khổng lồ a sheet pan lined with craft paper (or heavy duty paper bags) khổng lồ drain. Season lightly with salt after they’ve come out of the fryer.

Ingredients For Simple Tartar Sauce

MayonnaiseDill PicklesCapersDijon MustardLemon ZestLemon JuiceDillBlack PepperKosher SaltSugar

Serve the clams with tartar sauce & a wedge of lemon. I hear they sell bottled tartar sauce in the grocery store, but honestly, I’d rather phối it up myself. This simple tartar sauce blend takes about 5 minutes lớn make — though you should make it before you start on the clams. You don’t want your hot clams getting cold while your mixing the sauce và besides, making the tartar sauce in advance allows the flavors to marry.

The traditional New England clam shacks complete the meal with a bed of french fries. I can attest that they go together well — though, I admit lớn accidentally dunking a clam into ketchup và fries into the tartar sauce on a few occasions. You can’t blame me, it’s all so good!

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Fried Whole Belly Clams

Crispy golden fried clams are crunchy, chewy và a little bit briny — all in one bite. Great with homemade tartar sauce and fries.