10 best dipping sauce fried chicken recipes

The best Korean Fried Chicken - crispy coated buttermilk fried chicken smothered in a spicy Korean-inspired gochujang sauce. The sauce is so rich, flavourful và complex & it comes together very easily - just throw all the ingredients in a pan and bubble it up.We love lớn eat this with rice, noodles, or my personal favourite - stuffed into bao buns!


One thing that I absolutely love as a recipe creator, is when I put a plate of food down in front of people, and the conversation stops the moment the first bite is taken. Just quiet, wide-eyed, satisfied munching, with the occasional "Mmmmm" và "oh my god, it"s so good" until it"s all gone.

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That moment when everyone wants to focus all of their senses on what they"re eating, & nothing else matters.

That"s what happens with this Korean Fried Chicken Recipe.

I"m using my popular buttermilk chicken khổng lồ start off this recipe. If you"ve never had it, you"ve got lớn give it a go (especially this Chicken burger version with honey mustard coleslaw). As someone who worked in fried chicken shops during school, college and university, I can confidently say I know my stuff when it comes khổng lồ fried chicken.

What bởi we need?

For the crispy chicken:


For the Korean-style sauce:


What is gochujang?

Gochujang is a Korean fermented red chilli sauce or paste with a smoky-sweetslightly spicy flavour. Some brands are spicier than others. I’ve prefer the paste, rather than the sauce for a stronger flavour. It"s a fantastic addition to sauces và marinades, as it adds heat, richness, tang và a little sweetness. I use it in lots of recipes (beef bulgogi, Pork ramen, Korean steak grilled cheese, sticky Asian ribs khổng lồ name a few).

How to lớn make it

First we marinade the chicken in buttermilk, salt, white pepper and garlic salt.Then we coat the chicken in my special secret mixture. Only joking, it"s not secret. Find the full mixture in the recipe card below.

Then we fry the chicken until golden & crispy. Pour the mixture over the crispy chicken and top with sesame seeds, spring onions và a few red pepper flakes.

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Enjoy silently with no distractions.


Top Tips for Success

Ensuring the coating doesn"t fall off the cooked chicken:

When the chicken comes out of the oil, the coating will be securely adhered khổng lồ the chicken. However, the longer you leave it before adding the sauce, the more careful you will have to lớn be when tossing with the sauce to ensure the coating stays fully on.

How bởi vì you reheat Korean fried chicken?

I prefer this Korean fried chicken served right away, as that"s when the chicken will be at it"s crispiest. However, you can cool, cover và refrigerate the Korean fried chicken (for up khổng lồ a day), then reheat in the oven (covered) for 10-15 minutes at 190C/380F, until piping hot throughout.

If you want lớn keep the chicken crispy, then fully cook both the crispy chicken and sauce, then cool & cover (keep the sauce separate from the chicken) and refrigerate for up to a day. Then reheat the chicken in the oven, uncovered, for 10-15 minutes at 190C/380F, until piping hot throughout. Reheat the sauce in a pan until piping hot.

Can I bake the chicken rather than fry it?

If you want baked chicken, then follow the recipe for my baked chicken tenders, and mix with the gochujang sauce.