Quick and easy fried chicken

Hands up who likes fried chicken fritters? So that’s everyone in the audience. Peruvian food fans might wonder how this chicharrón de pollo recipe ended up on Eat Peru. It’s not exactly a traditional dish, right? But it’s super popular all over the country. & with some limes, spicy Peruvian sauces, & a bottle of Cusqueña or Pilsen Callao beer, you can transport yourself to lớn the bustling streets of Lima, Cusco, or Arequipa.

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This dish is also popular in other Latin American countries such as Puerto Rico, Cuba. The word chicharrón means different things depending on the meat used và the country (everywhere from The United States lớn The Philippines has its own version). The most common animal meat is pork và the Andean version uses pork rinds. Pork belly is perfect in the sandwich version. The fish fritter version is equally delicious và definitely worth a try.


Rotisserie and fried chicken is very popular in Peru. Street food vendors sell fried & roast chicken on corners all over towns around the country. Chicharronerias vì a roaring trade at lunchtime in particular. It’s just a fantastic finger food that literally everyone craves.

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We’ve used chicken breasts in this recipe but you could also use other parts of the bird. Dark meat is also fine. In fact, we prefer it but as this dish is already heavy on the oil (fat) content, we decided to lớn make it a little lower in calories by using healthy chicken breasts.


To make this recipe truly Peruvian, serve with sweet và spicy ají amarillo sauce or ají verde green sauce and fragrant limes. For us, lime is the essential smell of simple Peruvian food. Và it adds a nice fresh tang khổng lồ the heavy (but incredibly tasty) fried meat pieces. You can serve with sweet potatoes (a native tuber to Peru) or yucca, as we’ve described in the recipe. Yucca is a native plant from further north in the Americas but it’s now very popular in Peruvian cooking so it makes a great starchy addition khổng lồ this simple fried chicken recipe.

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Crispy Peruvian Chicken Fritters – Chicharrones de Pollo Peruanos

Love fried chicken? Try this delicious Peruvian chicharrón dish serve with sweet & spicy ají amarillo sauce và fragrant limes.