Air fryer breaded chicken wings


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Want lớn make some awesome Air Fryer Breaded Chicken Wings for your next buổi tiệc ngọt or get together but don"t want to lớn fill your house with that fryer smell? These breaded chicken wings give you all the wonderful flavor of an extra crispy chicken wing without any of the deep-frying!

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Why You"ll Love These Air Fryer Breaded Chicken Wings

When it comes lớn cooking appetizers and tiệc nhỏ foods with ease, the Air Fryer reigns supreme. It makes finger foods just a crispy as a deep fryer without soaking your food in fattening oils! Equally important, the Air Fryer won"t fill your house with an overbearing deep-fried oil smell. The Air Fryer won"t fill your house with an overbearing deep-fried oil smell.

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MyAir Fryer Chicken Wings recipe is perfect for your next sports event, party, Netflix binge session, or even as a full-on meal! It"s great comfort food that is made healthier và easier with your Air Fryer. These breaded chicken wings are ready lớn eat in less than half an hour & are dairy free, egg-free, and high in protein.

Ingredients You"ll Need

Chicken wingsCrushed peppercorn

How vì chưng You Get Breading khổng lồ Stick lớn Chicken Wings?

The blend I use to lớn make the flour mixture for these chicken wings is a combination of flour, smoked paprika, garlic powder, và salt and pepper.

The smoked paprika gives it such a great flavor paired with the garlic and makes an awesome base for added sauces later.

You can also use lemon pepper seasoning instead, or really any other dry rub that you like.

Note that if you use garlic salt and not garlic powder, adjust the salt accordingly.

How vày You Make Air Fryer Chicken Wings?

Follow these directions to lớn make this delicious air fryer recipe:

Place chicken wings in a large bowl. Pour in the oil & then toss to coat the wings well.In a separate bowl, showroom dry ingredients & whisk until combined.One at a time, place oiled wings in the dry mixture and coat with breading, then place each wing on in the air fryer basket.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need to flip the breaded chicken wings while they cook?

Yes! Flipping the wings halfway through the cooking cycle will ensure you get lovely, extra crispy chicken wings. Remember that the inside of the Air Fryer will be hot so use tongs or a fork lớn flip the wings halfway through.If you vày this as directed, you will get such crispy wings, you won"t believe they weren"t deep-fried wings.

How many wings can I cook at a time?

It"s best lớn keep your Air Fryer Chicken Wings in a single layer while cooking them. The way the Air Fryer works means it will need space to circulate the air inside the appliance. So if all the wings are stacked, they won"t get crispy.If you need to, cook the wings in two batches.

Can I toss the wings in hot sauce?

One of my favorite things to vày when cooking chicken in an Air Fryer is lớn toss it in hot sauce. But here"s the thing to know..Take the crispy chicken wings after they are almost all the way cooked, straight from the air fryer, và toss the wings in your sauce of choice, và then put them back into the air fryer to lớn allow the sauce to glaze over them.Do NOT cook the raw wings with hot sauce or on them. You need them dry, so you get crispy chicken wings.

What bởi you serve with breaded chicken wings?

Here are some serving options khổng lồ consider for your air fried chicken wings.You can use your favorite wing can make the sauce I use for my Korean Chicken Wings.You can also use the buffalo wing sauce that I used for my spicy cauliflower recipe.Use plain hot sauce with some ranch dressing.Use a blue cheese dip or just use chunks of blue cheese smashed into some sour cream or ranch dressingUse Barbecue sauce for an easy dipping sauce.

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What To vị With Breaded Chicken Wings

Here are a few things I can tell you that you will NOT need to get the best breaded chicken wings--and I know this because I tried all of them.

I found it entirely useless to lớn use baking powder, baking soda, or corn starch. Air frying dries the wings just fine without them. Similarly, there is zero need for olive oil or any kind of cooking spray. Chicken wings have more than enough fat without all that.

This chicken recipe is perfect to lớn serve as an appetizer with a dip. You can also serve them as a main course along with my rosemary roasted potatoes, hãng apple zucchini salad or with a side of cauliflower rice.

Can I Cook Frozen Wings In The Air Fryer?

Can you? Yes.

Are they as good as unfrozen wings? No.

Are they still spectacular? Yes, actually they are.

Here"s the small issue I found. Khổng lồ get the crispiest, fried chicken texture, you need the wings to lớn be as dry as possible.

With frozen wings, they have so much moisture from the ice crystals, that by the time you"ve dried off the moisture, your wings are a teeny bit overcooked.

Of course, frozen wings won"t take any type of breading or dry rub at all, so there"s also that.

But one of the advantages of Air Fryer Wings is that the moisture dissipates faster than in the oven, due lớn the hot air circulating. So it"s not the worst thing in the world--and it"s a lot better than no chicken wings!

How khổng lồ Make Chicken Wings From Frozen

Here are a few things to lớn try.

Let the frozen chicken wings defrost as much as you can. Then, use a paper towel khổng lồ thoroughly dry them, và then proceed as directed.If you have the time and the patience, put the frozen wings in a ziptop bag. Showroom a few paper towels to lớn soak up moisture. Place the bag in some warm (but NOT hot) water. This way, the wings stay dry, but defrost a little faster.You can also defrost them in the microwave but I had very uneven results when I did this, with some hot & cold spots.Defrost in the fridge overnight.Use an air fryer và don"t worry about it