How to make a delicious fried banana bread


A Traditional Sweet Dessert Perfect For Tea

Cekodok Pisang, also known as ‘jemput-jemput pisang’ are deep-fried banana fritter balls that are often served as dessert snacks. It is a popular street snack, and can be a very easy dessert khổng lồ make if you have overripe bananas at home.

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Cekodok Pisang is a type of traditional Malay snack that is commonly sold in stores và street stalls along with other fritter types made from vegetable, sweet potatoes, tapioca & cassava. Cekodok Pisang is sometimes referred khổng lồ as kuih kodok, cucur và jemput-jemput.

In Southeast Asia alone, many desserts are often made from using very simple ingredients - oftentimes local fruits và produce we find every day in our markets. Bananas have always been a favorite in many desserts and sweet treats - we have them in our smoothies, ice-cream, as banana cake, and now even deep-fried! The natural sweetness in the fruit really makes the dish a specialty when you crave sweetness that is not overdone.

Though the recipe for Cekodok Pisang may seem very simple, it can be quite a feat khổng lồ achieve the perfectly caramelised & soft banana centre enveloped in a sweet yet bitter crisp skin on the outside. The challenge khổng lồ perfecting this Cekodok Pisang recipe lies in using the right type of bananas. Over-frying them can cause a bitter aftertaste.

The most basic formula for Cekodok Pisang only requires some overripe bananas and flour. If you are in the mood to lớn experiment with flavor & texture, you can always add variants such as palm sugar, shredded coconut or rice flour in your recipe.

Compared to lớn other desserts that require a much longer time in preparing & baking the goods, the Cekodok Pisang - just lượt thích most traditional recipes - are quick & easy to lớn make. The best part is that the ingredients are incredibly easy khổng lồ source - bananas, sweet potatoes và vegetables are food items that can be found right in your kitchen! The next time you find overripe bananas, vày not throw them out. Instead, put them khổng lồ use by frying some delightful, mouth-watering Cekodok Pisang for your tea-time snack.

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Perfect for breakfast or as a tea-time snack, the traditional Cekodok Pisang goes very well with coffee & tea. Crispy skin và fluffy caramelised banana - how can anyone resist?


Frequently-Asked Questions About Cekodok Pisang

First time making a traditional dessert recipe? We have the answers lớn your questions!


What type of bananas should I use when making the Cekodok Pisang?

Sweet bananas definitely make for better Cekodok Pisang. Also, be sure lớn use only super ripe bananas. The Pisang Rajah và Mas varieties are the recommended ones for achieving the best results!

What type of flour is best?

Mixing a little bit of self-raising flour together with the all-purpose flour can be helpful in ensuring that your Cekodok Pisang comes out perfectly crispy on the outside.

How can I reduce the sugar in this recipe?

If your bananas are super ripe, they are probably already sweet & do not require as much sugar. Also, if you generally prefer a more natural & less sweet flavor, reducing the sugar is an option you can explore. However, the sugar is an essential component khổng lồ getting your bananas caramelised.


Tips và Tricks For Making Heavenly, Mouth-Watering Cekodok Pisang

For the most heavenly, melt-in-your-mouth, savory Cekodok Pisang, we have some tips and tricks for you in the kitchen.

Buy the best type of bananas: Pisang Rajah is the best type of bananas khổng lồ get for the Cekodok Pisang recipe. Other good substitutes are the Pisang Mas or Del Monte bananas. You can find these varieties of bananas at your local wet markets.Bake your bananas if they are not ripe yet: You can bake your bananas (if they are yellow and not super ripe yet) in the oven to get them ripened quickly. Once the skin is shiny và black, you can cook the bananas following the Cekodok Recipe.Experiment with different ingredients: The basics include just overripe bananas & flour. To lớn make your Cekodok Pisang more flavorful, you can experiment with adding onions, anchovies or sesame seeds to lớn enhance flavor & texture.