How To Make Fish Cakes With Corn

Whip up a batch of crispy and flavorful tilapia fish cakes with this easy (and yummy) recipe.

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Let me start out by saying I am not much of a fish person. I didn’t grow up eating it and was pretty anti-fish as a child và young adult.


My husband, however, is a huge fish fan. It’s also really healthy, so I incorporate it into my meal plan every 1-2 weeks. This recipe has helped convert me into a fish eater. Since then, I have even gone on to eat salmon! Make sure you check out our favorite recipe for Instant Pot Salmonwith homemade teriyaki sauce.

I love this tilapia fish cake recipe because it doesn’t really taste like fish. They are just crispy and delicious. Even my kids would agree. They happily eat fish cakes whenever I make them, which is a great motivator to make them more often.

Making Tilapia Fish Cakes With No Potato

You can easily make this recipe without potato. Just omit it. Everything else stays the same, but your yield will be slightly less.

Using leftover fish for fish cakes

Most fish cake recipes advise you khổng lồ make this when you have leftover fish from another meal. We don’t usually have leftover fish, but if you do, this recipe is perfect. Also, try this recipe for zucchini fritters if you have leftover zucchini.

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Otherwise, just salt & pepper your fish & bake it in the oven prior lớn preparing this recipe. You can bởi vì this step the day before & store the cooked fish in the refrigerator.

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What kind of fish can I use?

This recipe calls for tilapia, but cod, mahi-mahi, even salmon will work. Use what you have on hand and you are sure to enjoy this fish cakes recipe.

How to lớn Freeze Tilapia Fish Cakes

Fish cakes freeze quite well. You will want khổng lồ let the cooked tilapia fish cakes cool to room temperature. Flash freeze them & store in a zip-top freezer bag. Be sure khổng lồ get as much air out as possible (sucking the air out with a straw helps).

When you are ready to eat the frozen fish cakes, just reheat them in the oven at 400 degrees for 8-10 minutes.

Serve this with Green Beans with Caramelized Shallotsor instant pot baked potatoes.