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How To Cook Dry Bamboo Shoots Is Simple But Extremely Nutritious

Do you know how to prepare a pork leg? Many of my friends are afraid of eating pork leg even though it is really tasty because it contains many fats and make you feel very tired to finish a whole meal. Today, Vietnamese Food Team introduces to you one of our stunning Vietnamese Pork Recipes which can help you overcome those issues above, the dish name is Stewed Pork Leg with Fresh Bamboo Shoot (Chân Giò Hầm Măng Tươi).

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Unlike any bamboo shoot’s preparation in other Vietnamese Pork Recipes, this time the bamboo shoot’s preparation is simplify and you can cook the dish as a daily meal. When you do want to make this dish, please follow our instruction below and let us together start cooking right now. Ingredients: 1 pork leg weighted around 700g (you can choose a smaller size if you want to eat less) 300g fresh bamboo shoot (choose the young one then when you cook it, it will be soften easily) Cooking oil, white vinegar, fish sauce, salt, pork broth mix, pepper, onions, spring onions.


Process: Step 1: Boil water with a coffee spoon of salt, 1 spoon of white vinegar then add the pork leg in and scald it quickly ( minutes start from the water is boiled). Next, take the pork leg out and wash with cold water, let it dry.


Step 2: Add the pork leg in a bowl, marinate with a table spoon of delicious fish sauce, pepper in 30 – 60 minutes. This will make the pork leg has a beautiful white skin and smell really good.

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Step 3: Strip the fresh bamboo shoot then boil it in 10 minutes to remove any impurities, and then take it out to a basket. Wash it with cold water and let it dry.


Step 5: Add some cooking oil into a stove, stir fry the onions with medium heat. Next, add the fresh bamboo shoot in to stir fry with a little bit of salt in few minutes so that the bamboo shoot will absorb all the spices. Then add the pork leg with water into the stove, boil it, remove the foam and turn down the heat to stew until the pork leg is just cooked (about 30 – 40 minutes).


Step 6: In order to successfully make one of our stunning Vietnamese Pork Recipes, during the stewing, you need to add some salt, pork broth mix. When the pork leg is cooked, turn off the heat, add some spring onions and pepper into the soup.

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The requirement for this dish is that the bamboo shoot must be soft, absorb all the spices; the pork leg is just cooked, not too tough or too soft, taste good. This dish can be served in hot weather with rice, moreover, you can prepare a side dish which is fish sauce mixed with lemon and pepper to eat with the pork leg. Finally, you can enjoy one of our stunning Vietnamese Pork Recipes. We hope you would love this dish and will make it for your family and friends. Good luck to your cooking! From Vietnamese Food Team.


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